Kirk H Shelley MD/PhD

Professor of Anesthesiology; Division Chief; Director, Ambulatory Anesthesia

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchAnesthesiology: Ambulatory Anesthesiology; NIH T32 Program

Research Interests

Pulse oximeter waveform analysis; Photoplethysmography; Ambulatory Care; Anesthesiology; Biochemistry; Cardiovascular Diseases; Electrical Engineering Or Electronics; Internal Medicine; Medical Devices; Surgery; Medical Devices; Non-invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring; Patient Monitoring; Pulse Oximeter Research more...


  • M.D./Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, 1981

Selected Publications

  • Alian A, Galante N, Stachenfeld N, Silverman D and Shelley K. Impact of Lower Body Negative Pressure Induced Hypovolemia on Peripheral Venous Pressure Waveform Parameters in Healthy Volunteers. Physiological Measurement 35(7): p.1509-20 (2014)
  • Amit Shah, and Kirk H. Shelley. Is pulse oximetry an essential tool or just another distraction? The role of the pulse oximeter in modern anesthesia care. J Clin Monit Comput, 27(3): p. 235-42 (2013)
  • Zachary D Walton, Panayiotis Kyriacou, David G Silverman, Kirk H Shelley. Measuring Venous Oxygen Saturation Using the Photoplethysmographic Waveform. Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 24 (4), p 295 (2010)



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