Karel F. Liem Jr. MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Critical Care)

Research Interests

Neural patterning; Developmental genetics; Embryogenesis; Motor neurons; Neurodegeneration; Cilia; Cell signaling

Selected Publications

  • Goetz, S.C., Liem, K.F.Jr., and Anderson K.V. (2012) The Spinocerebellar Ataxia-associated gene Tau Tubulin Kinase 2 controls the initiation of ciliogenesis. Cell 151, 847-858.
  • Liem, K.F. Jr, Ashe A., He, H., Satir, P., Moran, J., Beier, D., Wicking, C., and Anderson, KV. (2012). The IFT-A complex regulates Shh signaling through cilia structure and membrane protein trafficking. J. Cell Biol. Jun 11;197(6):789-800
  • Jung, H., Lacombe,J. Mazzoni, E.O., Liem, K.F.Jr., Grinstein, J., Mahoney, S., Mukhopadhyay, D., Gifford, D.K., Young, R.A., Anderson, K.V., Wichterle, H., and Dasen, J.S. (2010). Global Control of Motor Neuron Topography Mediated by the Repressive Actions of a single Hox Gene. Neuron 9; 67(5):781-96.
  • Liem, K.F.Jr., He, M., Ocbina, P.J. and Anderson, K.V. (2009). Mouse Kif7/Costal2 is a cilia-associated protein that regulates Sonic hedgehog signaling. PNAS 106(32):13377-82.
  • Liem, K.F.Jr., Tremml, G., and Jessell T.M. (1997). A role for the roof plate and its resident TGFbeta-related proteins in neuronal patterning in the dorsal spinal cord. Cell 91, 127-138.
  • Liem, K.F.Jr., Tremml, G., Roelink, H., and Jessell T.M. (1995). Dorsal differentiation of neural plate cells induced by BMP-mediated signals from the epidermal ectoderm. Cell 82, 969-979.

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