Jeanne Hendrickson MD

Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine; Associate Director, Transfusion Medicine Service

Research Interests

Red blood cell alloimmunization; Hemolytic disease of the newborn

Selected Publications

  • Hendrickson, JE, Hod, EA, Cadwell, CM, Eisenbarth, SC, Spiegel, DA, Tormey, CA, Spitalnik, SL, Zimring, JC. Rapid clearance of transfused murine RBCs is associated with recipient cytokine storm and enhanced alloimmunogenicity. Transfusion, 2011 Nov; 51(11): 2445-2454.
  • Stowell, SR, Henry, KL, Smith, NH, Hudson, KE, Halverson, GR, Park, JC, Bennett, AM, Girard-Pierce, KR, Arthur, CM, Bunting, ST, Zimring, JC, Hendrickson, JE. Alloantibodies to a paternally derived RBC KEL antigen lead to hemolytic disease of the fetus/newborn in a murine model. Blood, 2013 Aug 22; 122(8): 1494-504
  • Stowell, SR, Girard-Pierce, KR, Smith, NH, Henry, KL, Arthur, CM, Zimring, JC, Hendrickson, JE. Transfusion of murine red blood cells expressing the human KEL glycoprotein induces clinically significant alloantibodies. Transfusion, epub 2013 Apr 29. DOI: 10.1111/trf.12217.
  • Girard-Pierce, KR, Stowell, SR, Smith, NH, Arthur, CM, Sullivan, HC, Hendrickson, JE, Zimring, JC. A novel role for C3 in antibody-induced red blood cell clearance and antigen modulation. Blood, 2013 Sept 5 122(10): 1793-801.
  • Smith, NH, Hod, EA, Spitalnik, SL, Zimring, JC, Hendrickson, JE. Transfusion in the absence of inflammation induces antigen specific tolerance to murine RBCs. Blood, 2012 Feb 9; 119(6): 1566-1569.
  • Hendrickson, JE, Desmarets, M, Deshpande S, et al. Recipient Inflammation Affects the Frequency and Magnitude of Immunization to Transfused Red Blood Cells. Transfusion 2006; 46(9): 1526-1536

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