Janet C. Lindow, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases)

Departments & Organizations

School of Public Health: Vector-borne


Janet Lindow has 20 years of research experience on topics ranging from clinical trial management to basic research in microbiology and biochemistry. She is currently working translational immunology, developing new preventative treatments and diagnostic tests for infectious diseases that affect people living in resource-poor countries, such as dengue and typhoid fever. She is working fulltime with the Ko group and Fiocurz in Brazil to build a program characterizing the human immune response to leptospirosis, an emerging disease of urban poverty.

Education & Training

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2002)
BS University of Illinois - Urbana, Microbiology (1996)
Post-Doctoral Associate University of Vermont
Post-Doctoral Fellow University of Colorado - Boulder

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