James Douglas Jamieson MD, PhD

Professor of Cell Biology; Special Advisor, MD/PhD Program

Departments & Organizations

Medical Education Staff

Office of Student ResearchCell Biology: Membrane Traffic

Research Interests

Endocrine pancreas; Secretory pathways; Lung development more...


  • M.D., University of British Columbia, 1960
  • Ph.D., Rockefeller University, 1966
  • M.A., Yale University, 1975

Selected Publications

  • Van Weeren L, de Graff AM, Jamieson JD, Batenburg JJ, and Valentijn JA. (2004) Rab 3D and actin reveal distinct lamellar body subpopulations in alveolar epithelial cells. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 30:288-295
  • Jena BP, Gumkowski F, Fischer von Mollard G, Jahn R, Jamieson JD. (1994) Redistribution of a rab-3 like GTP binding protein from secretory granules to the Golgi complex in pancreatic acinar cells during regulated exocytosis. J Cell Biol. 124: 43-53.
  • Valentijn JA, Valentijn K, Pastore LM, and Jamieson JD. (2000) Actin coating of secretory granules during regulated exocytosis correlates with the release of rab3D. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 97:1091-1095



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