Irwin Merton Braverman MD

Professor Emeritus of and Senior Research Scientist in Dermatology

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical GroupCancer Center, Yale: Hematology Program; Sarcoma Oncology ProgramDermatology: General Dermatology: Yale Dermatology Associates; Skin Diseases Research Center, Yale

Research Interests

Connective tissue disorders; Vasculitis; Microcirculation of human skin; Mycosis fungoides; Aging in human skin; Cutaneous microcirculation more...


  • M.D., Yale University, 1955

Selected Publications

  • Aghassi D, Monoson T, Braverman IM. Quantifying skin sclerosis in scleroderma. J Invest Dermatol 103:568, 1994.
  • Braverman IM, Keh-Yen A. The periadventitial cell of the cutaneous microvasculature known as the veil cell is the dermal dendrocyte. Clin Res 40:496A, l992.
  • Schechner J, Braverman I. Evidence for central modulation of vasomotion in cutaneous arterioles. 17 Clin Res Vol 39, No 2, 1991.



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