Ingrid Nembhard PhD, MS

Associate Professor of Public Health (Health Policy), of Faculty of Arts and Sciences and of Management

Research Interests

Health care management; Organizational behavior; Organizational learning; Performance improvement; Quality of health care

Current Projects

  • Organizational Learning and Quality Improvement via Interorganizational Relationships among Health Care Delivery Organizations
  • Effects of Teamwork, Team Learning Strategies and Project Choices on Neonatal Intensive Care Units’ Performance Improvement
  • Quality Improvement Collaboratives

Research Summary

Professor Nembhard’s research focuses on organizational learning in health care, with an emphasis on understanding the effects of intra- and inter-organizational relationships, leadership behavior, team learning strategies and project management on quality improvement efforts and clinical outcomes. She integrates knowledge of organizational behavior, organizational theory and health services research to answer questions about managing learning, change and innovation within health care delivery organizations. Her research combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies to investigate issues in health care management.

Selected Publications

  • Nembhard, I.M., Northrup, V.S., Shaller, D. and Cleary, P.D. (2012). Improving Organizational Climate for Quality and Quality of Care: Does Membership in a Collaborative Help? Medical Care, 50 (Suppl): S74–S82.
  • Nembhard, I.M. All Teach, All Learn, All Improve? The Effect of Interorganizational Learning on Performance Improvement. Health Care Management Review, 2012, 37(2): 154-164.
  • Nembhard, I.M. and Tucker, A.L. Deliberate Learning to Improve Performance in Dynamic Service Settings: Evidence from Hospital Intensive Care Units. Organization Science, 2011, 22(4): 907-922.
  • Nembhard, I.M., Alexander, J., Hoff, T. and Ramanujam, R. Why Does the Quality of Health Care Continue to Lag? Insights from Management Research. Academy of Management Perspectives, 2009, 23(1), 24-42.
  • Nembhard, I.M. Learning and Improving in Quality Improvement Collaboratives: Which Collaborative Features Do Participants Value Most? Health Services Research, 2009, 42(2), 359-378.
  • Tucker, A.L., Nembhard, I.M., and Edmondson, A.C. Implementing New Practices: An Empirical Study of Organizational Learning in Hospital Intensive Care Units. Management Science 53(6):894-907, 2007.
  • Nembhard, I.M. and Edmondson, A.C. Making it Safe: The Effects of Leader Inclusiveness and Professional Status on Psychological Safety and Improvement Efforts in Health Care Teams. Journal of Organizational Behavior 27(7):941-966, 2006.

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