History of Medicine Faculty


Bertucci, Paola

Research Interests: Science and the arts; Science and secrecy; History of scientific collections; History of science and medicine 1400-1800

Cowles, Henry M.

Research Interests: Human sciences and scientific medicine since 1800; mind and brain; historical and scientific methodology; pragmatism and evolutionary theory; experimentation in science, medicine, and the arts.

Kevles, Daniel

Research Interests: interplay of science and society past and present; history of science in America; history of modern physics; history of modern biology, scientific fraud and misconduct; history of intellectual property in living organisms; history of science, arms, and the state

Radin, Joanna

Research Interests: History of biology, medicine, and anthropology since 1945; Scientific expeditions; Biomedical ethics, human subjects research, collections, and laboratories; History of global health; Biomedical technology

Rogers, Naomi

Research Interests: 20th-century American medicine; Diseases; Public health; Gender and medicine; Nursing; Alternative medicine; Health policy; Medical education

Snowden, Frank

Research Interests: Social, cultural, and intellectual history of medicine; the societal impact of infectious diseases; modern European social and political history.

Summers, William C

Research Interests: History of molecular biology; Development of target theory; History of Manchurian Plague, 1910-1911

Warner, John Harley

Research Interests: History of medicine; Medical education; Professionalism; Public health; Clinical medicine; Experimental life science