Heping Zhang PhD

Susan Dwight Bliss Professor of Public Health (Biostatistics) and Professor in the Child Study Center and of Statistics

Research Interests

Biostatistics; Genomics; Epidemiology; Psychiatry; Pregnancy; Infertility; Substance Use; Bioinformatics

Current Projects

  • Analysis of Genomic Data for Complex Traits
  • Research Training in Mental Health Epidemiology
  • Data Management, Statistics, and Informatics Core
  • Data Coordination Center for Reproductive Medicine

Research Summary

Professor Zhang and members in his center conduct research in both the general area of regression and classification analyses and the methodologies for post-genome data analyses. In particular, with funding from multiple National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants, his group has been developing and implementing flexible and powerful approaches to the analyses of complex data including longitudinal data with multi- dimensional responses, neuroimaging data, genetic and genomic data. Zhang also has made major research efforts in: (a) child health ranging from the identification of neurological and genetic pathways in developing brain to the assessment of risk factors for pregnancy outcomes and to the understanding of cognitive and behavioral development in children; and (b) substance use, especially in understanding the transition from use to abuse. In addition, Dr. Zhang serves as Principal Investigator of the data coordination and statistics center for the National Genomic and Proteomic Network for Preterm Birth Research and Reproductive Medicine Network.

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, H.P. and Zhu, H.T. Generalized Score Test of Homogeneity for Mixed Effects Models. Annals of Statistics 34: 1545-1569, 2006
  • Zhang, H.P., Wang, X., and Ye, Y. Detection of Genes for Ordinal Traits in Nuclear Families and a Unified Approach for Association Studies. Genetics 172: 693-699, 2006.
  • Zhang, H.P., Feng, R., and Leckman, J. Linkage Analysis of Ordinal Traits for Pedigree Data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 101: 16739-16744, 2004
  • Zhang, H.P. Leckman, J.F., Pauls, D.L., Tsai, C.-P., Kidd, K.K., Campos, M.R. and The Tourette Syndrome Association International Consortium for Genetics. Genome Wide Scan of Hoarding in Sibling Pairs both Diagnosed with Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome. American Journal of Human Genetics 70: 2002
  • Zhang, H.P., Tsai, C.-P., Yu, C.-Y., and Bonney, G. Tree-based linkage and association analyses of asthma. Genetic Epidemiology 21: S317-S322, 2001.
  • Zhang, H.P., Yu, C-Y, Singer, B. and Xiong, M. Recursive Partitioning for Tumor Classification with Gene Expression Microarray Data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 98: 6730-6735, 2001.
  • Zhang, H.P. Classification Trees for Multiple Binary Responses. Journal of the American Statistical Association 93: 180-193, 1998.

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