Henry Klar Yaggi MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine (Pulmonary); Director, Yale Centers for Sleep Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Yale Medical Group

Office of Student ResearchInternal Medicine: Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine: Winchester Chest Clinic, Tuberculosis Center, Sleep Medicine

Research Interests

Obstructive sleep apnea;stroke;cardiovascular disease;diabetes;clinical epidemiology;sleep-disordered breathing;clinical trials; prognosis; more...


  • B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 1992
  • M.D., University of Maryland/Baltimore County, 1996
  • M.P.H., Yale School of Public health, 2003

Selected Publications

  • Bravata D, Concato J, Fried T, Ranjbar N, Sadarangani T, McClain V, Struve F, Zygmunt L, Lo A, Richerson G, Gorman M, Williams L, Brass L, Agostini J, Mohsenin V, Roux F, Yaggi H. Auto-titrating continuous positive airway pressure for patients with acute stroke: a randomized feasibility trial. Sleep 2011, In Press.
  • Yaggi H, Botros N, Shaw N, Bravata D, Mohsenin V, Concato J. A clinical prognostic system for cardiovascular events and death in sleep-disordered breathing.Sleep and Breathing. 2011, In Press.
  • Fragoso C, Concato J, Macavay G, Van Ness P, Rochester C, Yaggi H, Gill T. Evaluating Respiratory Impairment in Middle-Aged Persons Using Lamda MU-Sigma Derived Z-scores. Respir Care. 2011;104:1189-96.



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