Heino Velazquez PhD

Research Scientist in Medicine (Nephrology)

Research Interests

Electrolyte transport in the distal nephron; Diuretic action in the distal nephron; In vivo micropuncture and microperfusion methods; Biology of renalase

Selected Publications

  • Li, G., Xu, J., Wang, P., Velazquez, H., Li, Y., Wu, Y., and Desir, G. Catecholamines regulate the activity, secretion and synthesis of renalase. Circulation Research 117:1277-1282, 2008.
  • Xu, J., Li, G., Wang, P., Velazquez, H., Yao, X., Li, Y., Wu, Y., Peixoto, A., Crowley, S., and Desir, G. Renalase is a novel, soluble monoamine oxidase that regulates cardiac function and blood pressure. J. Clin. Invest. 115: 1275-1280, 2005.
  • Velázquez, H., Silva, T. Cloning and localization of KCC4 in the rabbit kidney: Expression in the distal convoluted tubule. Am. J. Physiol. 285: F49-F58, 2003.
  • Velázquez, H., A. Bartiss, P.L. Bernstein, and D.H. Ellison. Adrenal steroids stimulate thiazide-sensitive NaCl transport by rat renal distal tubules. Am. J. Physiol., 270: F211-F219, 1996.
  • Velázquez, H., M.A. Perazella, D.H. Ellison, and F.S. Wright. Renal mechanism of trimethoprim-induced hyperkalemia. Annals of Internal Medicine 119: 296-301, 1993.

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