Genetics Faculty

Lifton, Richard P


Research Interests:Molecular genetics of common human diseases

Clinical Interests:Genetics

DiMaio, Daniel C.

Vice Chairman

Research Interests:Molecular Biology of Tumor Viruses; Mechanisms of Viral Carcinogenesis; Molecular Basis of Cell Growth Regulation and Senescence; Manipulating Cells and Viruses with Artificial Transmembrane Proteins; Oncogenes; Senescence; Signal Transduction; Trans-membrane Proteins; Tumor Suppressor Genes; Virology; Virus

Xu, Tian

Vice Chairman

Research Interests:Genetic methodology; Cancer biology; Food and metabolism; Developmental mechanisms

Bale, Allen Everett

Research Interests:Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer; Predisposition and Developmental Defects; DNA Diagnostics; Birth Defects; Cancer; Fanconi; Genetics; Hedgehog; Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia; Patched; Skin Cancer; Tumor Suppressor

Clinical Interests:Cancer genetics; general genetics

Baserga, Susan J

Research Interests:Ribosome biogenesis; RRNA processing; U3 RNP structure and function; RNA helicases; Polymerase I transcription and processing

Brueckner, Martina

Research Interests:Development of left-right asymmetry; Heterotaxy syndrome; Kartagener syndrome; Situs inversus

Clinical Interests:General pediatric cardiology; genetics of congenital heart disease

Cho, Judy H

Research Interests:Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); identifying genetic variation that affects susceptibility to and expression of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Clinical Interests:Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Cooley, Lynn

Research Interests:Molecular Genetics of Drosophila Oogenesis; Actin Cytoskeleton Regulation; Drosophila; Oogenesis; Ring Canal; Ovarian Muscle Function

Cotsapas, Chris

Research Interests:Genetics; Computational biology; Cell-based approaches to discover and understand the mechanisms that give rise to disease; Disorders of the immune system and brain

Fenton, Wayne Alexander

Research Interests:Protein folding; Chaperonins; Protein misfolding; Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; Lou Gehrig's disease

Gallagher, Patrick G

Research Interests:Neonatal hematology; Erythropoiesis; Inherited abnormalities of the erythrocyte including metabolic, membrane, and hemoglobin disorders; Sickle cell disease; Hereditary spherocytosis; Elliptocytosis; Pyropoikilocytosis; Stomatocytosis

Clinical Interests:Neonatal medicine; Respiratory and circulatory failure; Shock; Prematurity; Newborn hematology and blood problems; Neonatal infectious disease; Genetic disorders

Gelernter, Joel

Research Interests:Complex trait genetics; Psychiatric genetics; Population genetics; Substance dependence; Gene mapping

Giraldez, Antonio J.

Research Interests:Developmental Biology; Non-coding RNAs, Post-transcriptional regulation; microRNAs; Gene regulatory networks; Systems Biology; Zebrafish

Glazer, Peter M.

Research Interests:Gene targeting and gene therapy; Genetic instability in cancer; Mutagenesis; DNA repair; Radiation resistance; Cellular responses to radiation

Clinical Interests:General radiation therapy; breast cancer; prostate cancer; lung cancer

Greco, Valentina

Research Interests:Organ regeneration in vertebrate systems; Stem cells; Stem cell niche organization; Cancer

Gruen, Jeffrey Robert

Research Interests:Genetics of communication disorders and learning disabilities, dyslexia, language impairment (LI); Biological underpinnings of dyslexia, language impairment, learning disabilities, communication disorders

Clinical Interests:Genetics of reading and language acquisition, dyslexia (reading disability), and language impairment. Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine; Inherited diseases; Neonatal hemochromatosis; Newborn Intensive Care.

Gunel, Murat

Research Interests:Molecular genetics and biology of brain aneurysms and cavernous malformations; Molecular genetics of brain development

Clinical Interests:Brain aneurysms; arterio-venous malformations (AVM); cavernous malformations; occlusive vascular disorders, carotid surgery; stereotactic radiosurgery; neurovascular intensive care unit (ICU); stroke

Hammarlund, Marc

Research Interests:Axon regeneration and degeneration; Neuronal plasticity; Femtosecond laser surgery; C. elegans neurobiology

Horwich, Arthur L

Research Interests:Chaperones in protein folding; ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)

Clinical Interests:Inborn errors of metabolism; Inherited neurodegenerative disease

Ivanova, Natalia B.

Research Interests:Embryonic and somatic stem cells; Vertebrate development; Functional genomics; Systems biology

Khokha, Mustafa Kezar

Research Interests:Establishment of vertebrate body plan; Embryonic patterning and gene regulatory networks; Xenopus (frog) genetics

Clinical Interests:Genetics of congenital malformations, especially those that lead to critical illness

Kidd, Judith R.

Research Interests:Human population genetics; forensic genetics

Kidd, Kenneth Kay

Research Interests:Complex Human Disorders; Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Human Population ; Genetics; Human Evolution

Kim, Tae Hoon

Research Interests:Transcription Regulation; Transcription Elongation; Transcription Insulation; Functional Genomics; Cancer Genomics; Epigenomics

Li, Peining

Research Interests:Cytogenetic and genomic analysis; Dissection of genetic mechanisms for growth regulation, mental development, and cancer progression

Clinical Interests:Cytogenetics

Lim, Janghoo

Research Interests:Mechanisms of neural development; Neurological disorders; Neurodegenerative diseases

Lin, Haifan

Research Interests:Stem cell RNA-mediated epigenetic programming, post-transcriptional regulation

Clinical Interests:Stem cell research

Lu, Jun

Research Interests:Non-coding RNAs in blood stem cell differentiation and malignancies; MicroRNA-mediated control of embryonic stem cell fates; MicroRNA mechanisms

Mahoney, Maurice Jeremiah

Research Interests:Clinical Genetics; Diagnosis and Therapy of Human Fetal Disease; Research Ethics as Applied to Human Subjects

Clinical Interests:Prenatal Diagnosis; Clinical Genetics

Mani, Arya

Research Interests:Identification of cardiovascular disorders that have strong familial pattern

Clinical Interests:Cardiovascular Genetics, Genetics of inherited cardiac arrhythmia, Genetics of sudden cardiac death, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, thoracic aneurysms, inherited valvular disease, General cardiology; adult familial cardiovascular disorders; congenital heart disease; coronary Computed Tomography (CT); arrythmia; cardiac echocardiography; cardiac nuclear stress testing; cardiovascular stress testing; fainting; tachycardias; transesophageal echocardiography

Matloff, Ellen T

Research Interests:BRCA1; BRCA2; HNPCC; Hereditary cancer; Genetic patents; Genetic counseling; Genetic testing; Sexuality and cancer; Providers of genetic counseling

Clinical Interests:BRCA1; BRCA2; hereditary breast cancer; breast cancer; hereditary ovarian cancer; ovarian cancer; HNPCC; Lynch Syndrome; MSH2; MLH1; MSH6; hereditary colon cancer; FAP; Cowden syndrome; rare cancer syndromes; hereditary cancer syndromes; hereditary thyroid cancer; hereditary melanoma; hereditary pancreatic cancer; hereditary gastric cancer/lobular breast cancer; CDH1; retinoblastoma.

McGrath, James Michael

Research Interests:Developmental Genetics; Genetic Imprinting; Embryogenesis; Spermatogenesis

Clinical Interests:Clinical Genetics; Dysmorphology; Cardiac Genetics

Nitabach, Michael N

Research Interests:Neurophysiology; Molecular genetics; Systems Physiology; Animal Behavior

Noonan, James

Research Interests:Human Evolution; Evolutionary Dynamics of Gene Regulation; Synthetic Biology; Applications of Ultra-High Throughput Sequencing Technologies; Comparative and Functional Genomics in Vertebrates

Park, In-Hyun

Research Interests:Reprogramming; iPS cells; Neurodevelopment; Epigenetics

Reinke, Valerie

Research Interests:Functional genomic analysis of global gene expression mechanisms; C. elegans germline development; Germline stem cells

Seashore, Margretta Reed

Research Interests:Clinical Genetics; Inborn errors of metabolism, diagnosis and treatment

Clinical Interests:Genetic disorders; metabolic disorders; urea cycle disorders; organic acid and amino acid disorders in adults and children; mitochondrial disorders; newborn screening; genetic causes of developmental disability; inherited cardiomyopathies in adults and children.

Shadel, Gerald S

Research Interests:Mitochondria; Mitochondrial Genetics and Biogenesis; Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Human Disease and Aging; Mechanisms of mtDNA Transcription and Mitochondrial Translation; Signaling Pathways that Sense and Control Mitochondrial Function; Cancer; Immune System Signaling

Slayman, Carolyn Walch

Research Interests:Genetics of Ion Transport

Somlo, Stefan

Research Interests:Genetic kidney and liver disease; Cilia function in tissue homeostasis; Polycystin function

Clinical Interests:Polycystic kidney disease; inherited or familial kidney disease; genetic aspects of kidney disease; polycystic liver disease

Sun, Zhaoxia

Research Interests:Zebrafish genetics; Cilium; Kidney development; Polycystic kidney disease (PKD); Ciliopathy

Sweasy, Joann Balazs

Research Interests:Genome Stability; Mutagenesis; DNA Replication; DNA Repair; Carcinogenesis

Tattersall, Peter John

Research Interests:Biochemistry; Genetics; Parvoviruses; DNA replication; Gene therapy; Oncolytic virus; Vaccines; Vectors; Viral replication and vectors

Weatherbee, Scott Donald

Research Interests:Limb development; Developmental genetics; Organogenesis; Mouse genetics; Signaling pathways; Embryogenesis

Weissman, Sherman Morton

Research Interests:Globin and Histocompatibility Gene Structure and Function; Genome wide mapping of gene activity and chromosome structure in man; Transcription Factors; Lymphocyte and myeloid Transcription Networks; Stem Cells; Cell Senescence; Methods for Molecular Genetics

Xiao, Andrew Zhuo

Research Interests:Chromatin biology; Histone variants; Modifications and chromatin remodeling complexes; Cellular reprogramming (iPS) and stem cell biology; Mammalian neural crest cell; Mammalian DNA damage response

Zhang, Hui Z

Clinical Interests:congenital malformations; dysmorphology; developmental delays; mental retardations; autism; craniofacial anomalies; hearing loss; ophthalmological disorders; CNS abnormalities.

Zhao, Hongyu

Research Interests:Statistical genomics; Computational biology; Genetic epidemiology; Genome wide association studies; Complex diseases; Risk prediction; High dimensional data; Dimension reduction; Network models; Graphical models; Bioinformatics; Next generation sequencing analysis; Cancer genomics; Epigenetics; Herbal medicine; Cicrobiome; Proteomics