Felicity Fishman MD

Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Departments & Organizations

Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation: Hand and Upper Extremity Service


  • B.A., Middlebury College, 2001
  • M.D., New York Medical College, 2006

Selected Publications

  • Fishman, F; Adams, S; Easley, M; Nunley, J. Vascularized Pedicle Bone Grafting for Nonunions of the Tarsal Navicular. Foot & Ankle International. 2012, Sept; 33 (9), 734-739
  • Leversedge, FJ; Fishman, F. Treatment of Boutonniere and Swan-Neck Deformities. In Tendon Surgery of the Hand, JC Guimberteau, J Chang. Elsevier, Philadelphia, PA, 2012. pp. 383-393. st edition, eds JB Tang, PC Amadio,


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