Fan-Chi Frances Su PhD

Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

Research Interests

Four-dimensional radiation therapy; Adaptive radiation therapy; Tumor control and normal tissue possibility evaluation; Outcome-driven treatment planning

Selected Publications

  • Su FC, Mavroidis P, Shi C, Ferreira BC, Papanikolaou N. A graphic user interface toolkit for specification, report and comparison of dose-response relations and treatment plans using the biologically effective uniform dose. Comput Methods Programs Biomed., 100(1):69-78, 2010.
  • Su FC, Shi C, Mavroidis P, Rassiah-Szegedi P, Papanikolaou N. Evaluation on lung cancer patients' adaptive planning of Tomo Therapy utilizing radiobiological measures and Planned Adaptive module. J Radiother Pract., 8:185-194, 2009.
  • Su FC, Shi C, Mavroidis P, Goytia V, Crownover R, Rassiah-Szegedi P, Papanikolaou N. Assessing four-dimensional radiotherapy planning and respiratory motion-induced dose difference based on biologically effective uniform dose. Technol Cancer Res Treat. 8(3):187-200, 2009.
  • Su FC, Shi C, Crownover R, Swanson G, Papanikolaou N. Dosimetric impacts of gantry angle misalignment on prostate cancer treatment using helical tomotherapy. Technol Cancer Res Treat., 7(4):287-93, 2008.
  • Su FC, Shi C, Papanikolaou N. Clinical application of GAFCHROMIC EBT film for in vivo dose measurements of total body irradiation radiotherapy. Appl Radiat Isot., 66(3):389-94, 2008.
  • Su F.C., Chu T.C., Wai Y.Y, Wan Y.L., and Liu H.L., Temporal Resolving Power of Perfusion- and BOLD- Based Event-Related Functional MRI, Med. Phys., 31(1):154-160, 2004.

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