Emergency Medicine Faculty


D'Onofrio, Gail


Research Interests: Alcohol and other drug problems in ED setting; Brief intervention and referral to treatment; Women and heart disease perceptions of risk, knowledge and behaviors

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine; Women and heart disease; Brief interventions for alcohol and other drug problems; teenage drinking; cardiac risk factors


Bernstein, Steven L.

Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

Research Interests: Smoking cessation; Healthcare access; Information technology; Disparities

Clinical Interests: Smoking Cessation; Emergency treatment


Cone, David C

Chief of Emergency Medicine Services

Research Interests: EMS; Disaster medicine; Hazardous materials; Fire/rescue technology; Emergency medical dispatch

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine; Emergency medical services; Disaster medicine; Hazardous materials


Dodge, Kelly L

Associate Director of Medical Simulation

Research Interests: Transfer of simulation skills to the clinical setting; Communication during trauma resuscitations

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine


Evans, Leigh V

Director of Medical Simulation

Research Interests: Emergency Medicine; Simulation in Undergraduate Medical Education; Invasive Procedure Simulation

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine


Jubanyik, Karen Jean

Director of Medical Education and Academic Advisor for School of Medicine

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine; palliative care; bioethics, women's health


Moore, Christopher

Director for Division of Ultrasound

Research Interests: Diagnostics; Dyspnea; Echocardiography; Emergency; Emergency Ultrasound; Head Injury; Hypotension; Pulmonary Embolism; Radiology; S100B; Sepsis; Shock; Ultrasound

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine


Moscovitz, Harry C

Medical Director for Shoreline Medical Center

Research Interests: Clinical quality; Injury; Substance abuse

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine


Post, Lori Ann

Director of Research Development

Research Interests: Elder Abuse; Gender-Based Violence; Demography; Domestic Violence; Evaluation; Injury; Methodology; Prevention; Program Evaluation; Research Design; Violence; Violence Against Women; Health Information Technology; Informatics


Powsner, Seth M.

Director of CIU

Research Interests: Computer and Information Sciences; Computer graphics; Data Systems; Information retrieval; Medical informatics; Psychiatry

Clinical Interests: emergency psychiatry / crisis intervention; consultation and geriatric psychiatry; psychiatry/medical comorbidity


Sather, John Earl

Associate Director for Medical Education

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine


Safdar, Basmah

Director for the Chest Pain Center (CPC)

Research Interests: Sex- and gender-specific research; Persistent chest pain physiology and patient-centered outcomes; Endothelial reactivity; Microvascular disease; Cardiac biomarkers; Coronary risk factors; Depression; Disparities; Chest pain in a multidimensional model.

Clinical Interests: Emergency care for adults and children


Tomassoni, Anthony

Medical Director for the Office of Emergency Preparedness

Research Interests: EMS; Emergency preparedness and disaster medicine; Global health; Medical toxicology and chemical emergencies; Emergency medicine and injury prevention; Education

Clinical Interests: Medical toxicology; hyperbaric and dive medicine


Abujarad, Fuad

Research Interests: Automated Model revision, Fault-Tolerance, Formal Methods, Software Engineering, and Distributed Computing, background check systems

Bayer, Robert

Clinical Interests: Surviving sepsis campaign, resident education, emergency medicine

Bernstein, Douglas

Clinical Interests: Critical care and resuscitation; Trauma

Bogucki, Sandy

Research Interests: Firefighter health and safety; Physiology of firefighting; Planning and medical response to disasters

Clinical Interests: Emergency Medical Services

Boras, John

Clinical Interests: respiratory distress syndromes

Brandt, Cynthia A

Research Interests: Biomedical informatics; Health services; Veterans

Clinical Interests: preventive medicine

Della-Giustina, David

Clinical Interests: Ultrasound; Emergency Orthopedics; Wilderness Medicine; Emergency Medicine Administration and Education; Leadership

French, Alyssa Rubin

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine

Hall, Michael Kennedy

Clinical Interests: Point-of-Care Ultrasonography; Emergency Health System Care Delivery

Harriman, David

Clinical Interests: Acute care adult emergency medicine, bedside ultrasonography

Hayward, Alison

Clinical Interests: sepsis, urologic emergencies, medical ethics, global health ethics

Hipona, Rene Allan

Clinical Interests: Critical care and emergency medical services

Hsiao, Allen L.

Research Interests: Technology in Medicine; Point of Care Testing; Electronic Medical Records; Clinical Decision Support; Improving Efficiency and Quality of Clinical Care; Telemedicine

Clinical Interests: Emergent Care of Children; Point-of-care Testing; Handoffs/Transitions of Care; Clinical Decision Support; Febrile Infant Evaluation

Jean, Chrisnel

Clinical Interests: emergency medicine, the application and usage of ultrasound in emergency medicine

Kovar, Jeffrey

Clinical Interests: Difficult airway; critical care

Marcolini, Evie

Research Interests: Critical care

Clinical Interests: Neurocritical Care, Surgical Critical care

Medoro, Ian

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine, education training, paramedics, emergecny medical services, medical direction

Melnick, Ted

Research Interests: clinical practice guideline implementation; clinical decision support; clinical informatics; health services research

Clinical Interests: emergency medicine; neurologic emergencies

Merritt, Anne K.

Research Interests: Medical education, narrative medicine, history of emergency medicine

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine

Monico, Edward P

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine

Pantalon, Michael V

Clinical Interests: Brief Motivational Interventions for Alcohol & Drug Abuse and Other Preventable Injuries

Parwani, Vivek

Research Interests: Paramedic education; airway management; disaster medicine

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine

Rambus, Carolyn

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine

Shapiro, Marc

Research Interests: Medical simulation; Patient safety; Teamwork training

Clinical Interests: emergency medicine.

Tarabar, Asim F

Research Interests: Substance abuse; Toxicology drugs of abuse

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine; medical toxicology

Vaca, Federico

Research Interests: Adolescent; Alcohol; Behavioral; Injury; Injury Epidemiology; Intervention; Motor Vehicle; Pedestrian; Prevention; Trauma; Health Disparities

Clinical Interests: Emergency Medicine, Trauma and Critical Care, Sports Medicine, Motor Vehicle Crash Injury Prevention, Injury Prevention and Control, Unintentional Injuries, Health Disparities in Injury

Verghese, Vinu

Clinical Interests: Pharmacology; digital medical information; critical care

Vining, Daniel

Clinical Interests: Emergency medicine, fecal transplant, cisplatin ototoxicity, medical ethics

Waltman, Adam Robert

Clinical Interests: Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Wira, Charles Ryan

Research Interests: Stroke; Sepsis; Cardiac arrest

Clinical Interests: Emergency Medicine, Neurocritical Care, Internal Medicine

Young, David J

Clinical Interests: Urgent care medicine, occupational medicine, medical review officer