Dawit Kidane, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist in Therapeutic Radiology

Departments & Organizations

Cancer Center, Yale: Brain Tumor Center

Therapeutic Radiology: Radiobiology


  • B.S., Addis Ababa University, 1993
  • M.S., Addis Ababa University, 1999
  • Ph.D., Albert Ludwigs University, 2005

Selected Publications

  • Selected publications . Kidane .D, Keh A, Liu Y, Sweasy J.B. (2011). DNA polymerase Beta is critical for genomic stability in sperm cell. DNA repair (Amst) PMID: 21333614. . Kidane D Jonason, A.S, Gorton T.S, Mihaylov I, Ashley T, Keh A, Liu Y, Banerjee U, Zelterman D and Sweasy J.B. (2010). DNA Polymerase Beta is Critical for Meiotic Synapsis. EMBO Journal. PMID: 20019666. . Kidane .D, Carrasco B, Manfredi C, Tadesse S, Alonso JC, Graumann PL. (2009). Visual evidence for Horizontal gene transfer in competent Bacillus subtilis cells. PLoS Genet. 2009 Sep; 5(9): e1000630. PMID: 19730681 . Kidane D, Graumann PL. (2005) Dynamic formation of RecA filaments at DNA double strand break repair centers in live cells. J Cell Biol. 170(3): 357-366. PMCID: PMC2171471. . Kidane D, Graumann PL. (2005) Intracellular protein and DNA dynamics in competent Bacillus subtilis cells. Cell. 122(1): 73-84.PMID: 16009134. . Kidane D, Sanchez H, Alonso JC, Graumann PL. (2004) Visualization of DNA double-strand break repair in live bacteria reveals dynamic recruitment of Bacillus subtilis RecF, RecO and RecN proteins to distinct sites on the nucleoids. Mol Microbiol. 52(6): 1627-1639. PMID: 15186413



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