David M Greer MD, MA, FCCM, FAHA

Dr. Harry M. Zimmerman and Dr. Nicholas and Viola Spinelli Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neurosurgery; Vice Chairman, Department of Neurology; Neurology Residency Program Director; Director, Stroke Service; Director of Medical Studies

Departments & Organizations

Neurology: Stroke Center, Yale-New Haven | Stroke and Vascular Neurology


Research Interests

Coma; Neurocritical care; Stroke; Neuroimaging  more...


  • MA LIBERAL, University of Florida, 1990
  • M.D., University of Florida, 1995

Selected Publications

  • Wijdicks EFM, Varelas PN, Gronseth GS, Greer DM. Evidence-based guideline update: determining brain death in adults: report of the Quality Standards Subcommittee of the American Academy of Neurology. Neurology. 2010;74(23):1911-8.
  • Greer DM, Scripko P, Bartscher J, Sims, J, Camargo E, Singhal A, Furie K. Serial MRI Changes in Comatose Cardiac Arrest Patients. Neurocritical Care 2011;14(1):61-7.
  • Wu O, Batista LM, Lima FO, Vangel MG, Furie KL, Greer DM. Predicting Clinical Outcome in Comatose Cardiac Arrest Patients using early non-contrast CT. Stroke 2011;42:985-92.



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