Child Study Center Faculty

Volkmar, Fred R


Research Interests:Autism and related disorders; Asperger's disorder; Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD); Social development; Diagnosis; Neuropsychology

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Autism and pervasive developmental disorder; Asperger's disorder; Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), Social development, neuropsychology

Adnopoz, Jean

Research Interests:Primary area of expertise: development, supervision and support of intensive in-home interventions for children at high risk for placement outside of their homes and communities for reasons of serious psychiatric disorders, abuse, neglect, and/ or chronic parental illness or substance abuse. Current research interest is the Family Health and Development Project (FHDP) a randomized controlled trial of the Intensive In-Home-Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Service (IICAPS), developed at the Yale and now replicated at 20 locations in Connecticut. The effectiveness of IICAPS is being compared to the Home-Based Child Treatment Coordination Program (HCTC) a clinically informed, less intensive, child centered, parent focused intervention. Outcome variables include psychiatric hospitalization, service utilizations, behavioral and functional changes, parental perception and the attainment of treatment goals. A recent Service to Science award from SAMHSA will support the development of a pilot study of Family Based Recovery (FBR) an integrated in-home substance abuse and parent-child relationship-based treatment program also developed at Yale with the support of the Department of Children and Families and replicated at 5 additional sites in Connecticut.

Clinical Interests:Development of mental health treatments delivered to high risk children and families in their own homes, training of mental health professionals to deliver home-based treatment models

Akbar, Maysa

Research Interests:Pediatric psychology; Cultural diversity; Developmental evaluations; diagnostic clarification; treatment of children 0-5

Clinical Interests:child and adolescent psychology

Anderson, George Magruder

Research Interests:Stress response systems; Serotonin neurochemistry and psychopharmacology; Early biomarkers

Balestracci, Kathleen M.B.

Research Interests:Mental Health Services Research

Barbot, Baptiste

Research Interests:Adolescence; Creative cognition; Identity; Personality; Self; Juvenile Delinquency; Psychosocial Adjustment and Development; Intervention and Prevention; Psychological Assessment; Differential Approach to Development; Person-Centered Approach; Longitudinal Modeling.

Bloch, Michael Howard

Research Interests:Tourette syndrome; Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Trichotillomania

Clinical Interests:Tourette's Syndrome; obsessive compulsive disorders, trichotillomania

Booth, Leah Langford

Clinical Interests:Social communication; developmental disorders; receptive/ expressive language; educational programming

Britto, Pia Rebello

Research Interests:Early child development and education programming and policy; Development of national standards and indicators for monitoring child development outcomes; Government early childhood policies; Early intervention programs in several countries; Growing up Muslim in the United States and the influence of the present socio-political context on young Muslim children's identity development

Cardona-Wolenski, Laurie

Research Interests:child and adolescent psychiatry; psychological testing; pediatric consultation-liaison

Clinical Interests:child and adolescent psychology; psychological testing; learning disabilities; pediatric consultation-liaison, pediatric-oncology psychosocial services

Chawarska, Katarzyna

Research Interests:Social, cognitive, and emotional development of infants and toddlers with autism and other developmental disorders; Eye tracking research of visual attention; Early predictors of outcome; Prodromal features of ASD in infancy; Development of infants at risk for ASD due to genetic factors; Treatment of young children with ASD; Somatic growth patterns in ASD; Autism

Clinical Interests:Early diagnosis and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Close, Ann

Research Interests:Child development; Child psychopathology; Developmental assessment and clinical evaluation; Mental health consultation; Early childhood education

Clinical Interests:developmental assessment;child psychotherapy;parent counseling;preschool mental health consultation

Comer, James Pierpont

Research Interests:Child development; Education

Dauser, Christine

Clinical Interests:depression; attention deficit disorders; disruptive behaviors; anxiety; mood disorders; self-harming behaviors; family discord; attachment difficulties

Dennehy, Lauren

Clinical Interests:infant&child/parent psychotherapy; developmental assessment; treatment of children exposed to trauma; school consultation; psychotherapy with adolescents; family therapy

Ercan-Sencicek, Adife Gulhan

Research Interests:Characterizing the genetic and genomic architectures of Tourette Syndrome and Mental Retardation, autism and learning disabilities in children by understanding the contribution of rare genetic variation.

Fernandez, Thomas V

Clinical Interests:Tourette syndrome, tic disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry

Finn-Stevenson, Matia

Research Interests:Program development/evaluation; social and emotional learning/mental health prevention

Clinical Interests:animal assisted therapy

Gilliam, Walter S

Research Interests:Child care and early childhood education; Intervention policy analysis; Early childhood mental health consultation; Child and family social policy; Young child development

Clinical Interests:young child development; developmental assessment; preschool, child care, and early education consultation; early intervention; infant; toddler; preschool

Gladstein, Phyllis M

Clinical Interests:Early onset disorders including autism, tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorders, and learning difficulties, developmental delays and emotional difficulties.

Goyette-Ewing, Michele Anne

Research Interests:Clinical Interests: child psychology; psychological assessment; educational evaluations; learning disabilities; parenting. Research Interests: longitudinal followup of children diagnosed with autism

Clinical Interests:Child psychology; psychological assessment; educational evaluations; learning disabilities; parenting

Grigorenko, Elena Leonidovna

Research Interests:Psychology; Learning disabilities; Neuropsychiatric genetics

Clinical Interests:Yale Academic Skills Clinic (

Hart, Lesley

Clinical Interests:reading development, skilled reading performance, and impairments in language and reading processes; particularly interested in children with complex reading profiles including difficulties with reading decoding, encoding, fluency, vocabulary, and/or comprehension.

Horwitz, Carla M

Research Interests:Child development, early childhood education, teaching, learning, mentoring, public policy

Jou, Roger J.

Clinical Interests:Autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, pervasive developmental disorders

King, Robert A

Research Interests:Tic disorders; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive-compulsive disorders (children and adolescents); Adolescent suicide

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; psychoanalysis; psychotherapy; psychopharmacology; tic disorders; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD) in children and adolescents; trichotillomania (hair-pulling)

Koenig, Kathy

Clinical Interests:autism spectrum disorders; developmental disabilities; girls with autism spectrum disorders; group therapy for autism spectrum disorders; cultural and religious issues as they impact diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorders;

Lebowitz, Eli R.

Research Interests:Anxiety disorders; Neurobiology; Hypophyseal Hormones; Family Systems; Parent based treatment; Technology

Clinical Interests:anxiety disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder; tic diosrders

Leckman, James Frederick

Research Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Tourette's syndrome; Obsessive/compulsive disorder (OCD)

Liu, Tong

Research Interests:early childhood education; comparative education; American education; Chinese education; teacher preparation; early education quality; early education assessment and evaluation; early education curriculum

Lombroso, Paul J

Research Interests:Translational Neuroscience; Identification of small molecule inhibitors of STEP; Child and adolescent psychiatry; Neuropharmacology

Marans, Steven

Research Interests:Child psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; adolescent psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; Adult psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; Trauma consultation and treatment

Clinical Interests:Child, adolescent and adult consultations, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy; Trauma consultation and treatment

Marin, Carla E.

Research Interests:assessment and treatment of pediatric anxiety; anxiety sensitivity; the role of parental control in anxiety in youth; cultural considerations in the assessment and treatment of youth anxiety

Clinical Interests:anxiety disorders; phobias; school refusal behavior; selective mutism

Martin, Andrés S.

Research Interests:Inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry; Psychopharmacology; Pediatric psychosomatic medicine; Psychosocial aspects of pediatric oncology; Medical education in child and adolescent psychiatry

Clinical Interests:Inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry; Pediatric psychopharmacology; Pediatric psychosomatic medicine; Medical education

Mayes, Linda C

Research Interests:Early adversity; Stress regulation; Parental addiction; Risk for drug use in adolescence; Neural circuitry of social attachment and parental behavior; Developing reward systems; Electrophysiology

Clinical Interests:Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Early child development

McPartland, James C

Research Interests:Developmental neuroscience; Social perception

Clinical Interests:Child psychology; autism spectrum disorder; developmental disabilities

Mills, Christiana

Clinical Interests:Assessment and treatment of young children; Parenting; Adjustment issues in young children; Trauma & young children; Zero To Three Safe Babies Project

Peck, Signy

Clinical Interests:childhood and adolescent anxiety and depression, PCP mental health consultation/collaboration, childhood and adolescent trauma, adoption issues, young adult transition issues, preventative mental health interventions, intersections of mental health/media and journalism

Pelphrey, Kevin

Research Interests:Brain mechanisms; Child development; Neurodevelopmental disorders

Poncin, Yann B

Research Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Psychopharmacology; Individual therapy; Parent guidance for a range of emotional and behavioral concerns

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry, psychopharmacology, individual therapy and parent guidance for a range of emotional and behavioral concerns. Consultations to schools and other organizations.

Pracitto, Kristin Holdt

Clinical Interests:intensive in-home therapeutic programming, clinical program implementation and evaluation, child mental health policy, individual and family therapy, supervision, crisis intervention, training and clinical consultation

Rutherford, Helena

Research Interests:parenting; maternal brain; neurobiology; EEG/ERP; emotion perception and regulation; addiction; depression

Schowalter, John Erwin

Clinical Interests:Dr. Schowalter born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin. He came first to Yale in 1960 as a pediatric intern. He was a child psychiatry resident at the Yale Child Study Center between 1963 and 1965. After serving two years in the army, he joined the Child Study Center faculty in 1967 and remained throughout his career. Dr. Schowalter’s career focused mainly on issues in pediatric liaison, adolescent care, and professional training. Dr. Schowalter chaired the Child Psychiatry Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. He also chaired the Child Psychiatry Examination Committee and was on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He was President of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the Society of Professors of Child Psychiatry, the Association for the Care of Children’s Healthcare, the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, and the Benjamin Rush Society. At the Child Study Center, Dr. Schowalter became a professor in 1975 and became the first Albert J. Solnit Professor in 1989. He served as the Center’s Interim Director, 2001-2002. He became emeritus in 2003, but continues to teach and consult.

Shic, Fred

Research Interests:Autism; Eye-tracking; Gaze-contingent technology; Magnetic resonance spectroscopy; Galvanic skin response; Electrodermal activity; Augmentative and alternative communication

Silverman, Wendy K

Research Interests:Child and adolescent phobic and anxiety disorders; Developmental mechanisms; Treatment development and evaluation; Processes of change in treatment outcome

Clinical Interests:child and adolescent fears; phobias; anxiety; stress reactions; worry

Sondergaard, Karen Wright

Clinical Interests:Child Psychiatry, Adolescent Psychiatry

Stevens, Hanna E

Research Interests:Early Brain Development; Inhibitory Neurons; Prenatal Stress; Childhood Behavioral Problems; Behavioral Models of Psychiatric Disorders; Etiologies of Psychiatry Illness; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder; Anxiety; Schizophrenia; Depression; Autism

Clinical Interests:child psychiatry; autism; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); childhood anxiety; young child mental health; maternal mental health;

Stubbe, Dorothy

Research Interests:Medical education; Practice patterns and workforce issues in child and adolescent psychiatry; Models of psychiatric care

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatric diagnosis and treatment (psychotherapy, family therapy, psychopharmacology); inpatient child and adolescent psychiatry; consultation to schools

Sukhodolsky, Denis

Clinical Interests:Behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapy for children with specialization in 1) Cognitive behavior therapy and parent management training for irritability and disruptive behavior 2) Habit reversal training for Tourette Syndrome 3) Exposure and response prevention for OCD 4) CBT for anxiety disorders

Tsatsanis, Katherine D

Research Interests:autism spectrum disorders; nonverbal learning disabilities; assessment; neuropsychological profiles; co-morbidity; developmental trajectories; outcome

Clinical Interests:autism spectrum disorders; developmental disabilities; neuropsychology

Vaccarino, Flora Maria

Research Interests:Neural stem cells; Cerebral cortex; Neuronal progenitors; Tyrosine kinase growth factors; Excitatory neurons; GABAergic neurons; Postmortem human brain; Induced pluripotent stem cells; Hypoxia

Ventola, Pamela

Clinical Interests:developmental disabilities; autism

Vitulano, Lawrence A

Research Interests:Behavioral Activation CBT and other interventions for change; anxiety disorders; dissemination of evidenced based treatments ; obsessive-compulsive disorders; Tourette's syndrome; anger management; adjustments in chronic illness; Integrative Medicine; hypnosis; sports psychology; executive coaching and leadership development; business ethics and decision making

Clinical Interests:child and adolescent psychology

Westphal, Alexander

Clinical Interests:Autism Spectrum Disorders; Forensic Evaluations; Developmental Regression.

Wolf, Julie M

Clinical Interests:autism spectrum disorders; social skills training; sibling support

Woolston, Joseph

Research Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; Inpatient child psychiatry; Intensive home-based treatment; Empirically based practice; Implementation of empirically based practice

Clinical Interests:Child and adolescent psychiatry; inpatient child psychiatry; intensive home-based treatment; empirically based practice

Xu, Jian

Research Interests:Dr. Xu's research focuses on translational work examining the role of STriatal Enriched Protein tyrosine phosphatase (STEP) in neuropsychiatric disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and schizophrenia (SZ).