Comparative Medicine Faculty


Horvath, Tamas L.


Research Interests: Neurobiology of obesity; Neuroendocrine physiology

Clinical Interests: Neurodegenerative diseases; aging; diet; nutrition


Macy, James D, Jr

Vice Chairman for Clinical Affairs

Research Interests: Pathogenesis; Prevention of mouse parvovirus infection; Laboratory Animal Medicine


Smith, Peter C

Director, Residency Training Program

Research Interests: Epidemiology of rodent Infectious diseases; Laboratory Animal Medicine


Booth, Carmen Jane

Research Interests: Pathology of genetically engineered mice; Pathology of inflammation; Pathology of aging; Veterinary Pathology; Mouse pathology; phenotyping; Hemophilia in rats

Brandsma, Janet L

Research Interests: Molecular biology of papillomavirus pathogenesis; Development of protective and therapeutic vaccines for the treatment of human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated disease; Vaccines; Virology

Compton, Susan R

Research Interests: Pathogenesis of rodent viral infections; Diagnostic Virology; Bacterial Expression Systems; Communicable Diseases; Disease Control; Disease Model; Eukaryotic Expression Systems; Gastrointestinal Infection; Host Organism Interaction; Immunization; Immunoassay; Infectious Diseases/Agents; Intestinal Mucosa; Laboratory Mouse; Laboratory Rat; Molecular Probes; Murine Hepatitis Virus; Norovirus; Parvovirus; Pathogenesis; Polymerase Chain Reaction; Rat Coronavirus; Receptor Binding; Respiratory Diseases; RT-RCR; Serology; Sialodacryoadenitis Virus; Site Directed Mutagenesis; Vaccine; Viral Studies; Virion; Virology; Virulence; Virus Infection Mechanism; Virus Protein; Virus Receptor; Western Blotting

Dixit, Vishwa Deep

Research Interests: Immune-Metabolic Interactions; Aging and age-related inflammation; Obesity-associated inflammation and metabolic syndrome; Adipose tissue leukocytosis; Inflammasomes; Thymic involution and approaches for thymic rejuvenation; Neuroendocrine control of immune system

Fernandez-Hernando, Carlos

Research Interests: Cholesterol homeostasis; Lipoprotein metabolism; Post-transcriptional regulation; microRNAs; Atherosclerosis; RNAi screening

Gao, Xiao-Bing

Research Interests: Neurotransmission; Neurotransmitter response and synaptic plasticity; Cellular physiology of neuropeptides (hypocretin/orexin, melanin concentrating hormone, neuropeptide Y, ghrelin, leptin, and a-MSH); Ion channels (Na+, Ca2+, K+ channels); Electrophysiology/patch clamp recording; calcium imaging; Hypothalamus/lateral hypothalamic area; Energy homeostasis/feeding regulation; Sleep homeostasis and regulation; Drug addiction

Goodrich, James A

Research Interests: Animal Models of Menopause; Cardiovascular Disease

Hajos, Mihaly

Research Interests: systems neurophysiology; biomarkers; schizophrenia; Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, neuropharmacology

Jacoby, Robert O

Research Interests: Pathogenesis of rodent viral infections; Laboratory Animal Pathology; Vivarium Management; Laboratory Animal Medicine; Pathology

Lawrence, Matthew Swan

Research Interests: Pharmakokinetics; Emerging Therapeutics; Ophthalmology; Gene Therapy

Levy, Ifat

Research Interests: Decision-making; Value; Reward; Risk; Ambiguity; Functional MRI

McGrath, James Michael

Research Interests: Developmental Genetics; Genetic Imprinting; Embryogenesis; Spermatogenesis

Clinical Interests: Clinical Genetics; Dysmorphology; Cardiac Genetics

Nottoli, Timothy P

Research Interests: Developmental Genetics; Animal Genomics; Gene Targeting and Transgenic Technology; Stem Cell Biology

Rodeheffer, Matthew S

Research Interests: Genomics; Stem Cells

Scholz, Jodi Ann

Research Interests: Environmental Enrichment; Laboratory Animal Medicine

Sleeman, Mark W

Research Interests: Physiology; Genomics

Suarez, Yajaira

Research Interests: Vascular Biology; Angiogenesis; Inflammation; Cholesterol homeostasis; Endothelial cells, Macrophages; Non-coding RNAs; Post-transcriptional regulation of Gene expression; MicroRNAs

Wilson, Steven R

Research Interests: Virology and vaccine production; Laboratory Animal Medicine

Yang, Xiaoyong

Research Interests: Nutrient Sensing; Cell Signaling; Circadian Rhythm; Post-translational Modifications; Metabolic Physiology; Diabetes; Cancer; Aging; Systems Biology

Yao, Gang-Qing

Research Interests: Molecular Biology of Bone Metabolism; Bone Metabolism; Endocrine effects on bone loss

Zeiss, Caroline J

Research Interests: Molecular and cellular pathogenesis of retinal degeneration; Neurobiology of movement disorders; Phenotypes of genetically engineered mice; Evolutionary biology of the eye; Veterinary Pathology; Mouse Phenotyping; Ocular pathology with emphasis on photoreceptor disorders; Neuroanatomy of age-related gait disorders; Signal transduction events during neuronal death; Comparative pathology with emphasis on murine neuroanatomy; Phenotying genetically altered rodents