Anesthesiology Faculty


Hines, Roberta L.


Research Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; Critical care

Clinical Interests: Cardiovascular anesthesia; critical care


Rosenbaum, Stanley H

Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

Research Interests: Critical care medicine; Anesthesia quality & safety; Medical ethics

Clinical Interests: Critical care medicine; general anesthesia; medical ethics


Braveman, Ferne Raye

Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Clinical Interests: Acute pain management; Ob/Gyn anesthesia; High-risk obstetrics


Niklason, Laura E

Vice Chair for Research

Research Interests: Anesthesiology; Biomedical Engineering; Biophysics; Physics

Clinical Interests: Critical care medicine; vascular disease; heart failure


Vaughn, Douglas W

Senior Director for Anesthesia Operations

Clinical Interests: major vascular anesthesia; neuroanesthesia


Stout, Robert Gregory

Director of Anesthesia Services

Clinical Interests: Thoracic and vascular anesthesiology; perioperative administration; clinical automated record-keeping systems and hospital-wide EMR integration.


Lagasse, Robert

Vice Chair for Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs

Research Interests: Quality management; Performance and outcomes measurement

Clinical Interests: general anesthesia; regional anesthesia; acute pain management


Akhtar, Shamsuddin

Clinical Interests: Vascular; thoracic; geriatric; high-risk anesthesia; general anesthesia; critical care

Alian, Aymen

Research Interests: Pulse oximeter waveform analysis; Photoplethysmography; Non-invasive cardiovascular monitoring; Patient monitoring; Pulse oximeter research

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; OB anesthesia; analysis of peripheral waveform and heart rate variability

Aouad, Rima Tanios

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; peripheral nerve blocks for orthopedic surgeries; regional anesthesia; general anesthesia; monitored anesthesia care; regional anesthesia

Assaad, Sherif I

Clinical Interests: Cardiothoracic and Vascular anesthesia and Intraoperative TEE monitoring.

Barash, Paul G

Research Interests: Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Clinical Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; cardio-vascular clinical research

Charchaflieh, Jean

Research Interests: Neuro-anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Health Policy and Management

Clinical Interests: Neuro-anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine Health Policy and Management

Chung, Keun Sam

Clinical Interests: Acute pain management; Ob/Gyn anesthesia

Collins, J G

Clinical Interests: Pharmacology; impact of regulations on the process of science.

Dabu-Bondoc, Susan

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory, general OR, and off-site anesthesia; regional anesthesia; pain management in ambulatory practice

Deshpande, Ranjit

Clinical Interests: liver transplant anesthesiology, critical care medicine,point of care ultrasound.

Ehrenwerth, Jan

Clinical Interests: Anesthesia for thoracic surgery; anesthesia for vascular surgery.

Gaal, Dorothy J

Clinical Interests: Pediatric cardiac anesthesia; international medicine.

Ganatra, Monica Shah

Clinical Interests: pediatric anesthesiology

Garwood, Susan

Clinical Interests: Perioperative renal function; intraoperative TEE; gender outcomes in cardiac surgery

Golembeski, Thomas J.

Clinical Interests: Pediatric anesthesia

Grecu, Loreta

Clinical Interests: Critical care medicine PAC

Haddadin, Ala Sami

Clinical Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; adult critical care medicine

Halaszynski, Thomas Michael

Research Interests: Regional Anesthesia/Analgesia; Perioperative Pain Medicine; Acute Postoperative Pain Management; Multimodal Anesthesia/Analgesia; Peripheral Nerve Blockade Techniques; Local Anesthetics; Cognitive Influences of Regional/General Anesthesia and Analgesia; Obstetrical Anesthesia/Analgesia; Neurologic Effects of Regional Anesthesia/Analgesia

Clinical Interests: Regional anesthesia; pain management; general anesthesia; acute pain medicine; orthopaedic and urological anesthesia

Helgeson, Lars E.

Clinical Interests: Non-OR anesthesia; bariatric and obesity anesthesia; ambulatory anesthesia; obstetrical anesthesia

Hernandez, Keith

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; in-flight medical emergencies

Herrera, Adriana

Clinical Interests: Thoracic Anesthesia; Cardiac Anesthesia; Education; Medical volunteer work.

Holt, Natalie Frances

Clinical Interests: Resident education; continuing medical education; hospital management;

Hrycelak, Michael Gregory

Clinical Interests: anesthesiology, neurosurgical anesthesia

Kurup, Viji

Research Interests: Coagulation and anesthesia; Research in resident education

Clinical Interests: adult perioperative services; inpatient and ambulatory surgery; vascular and thoracic anesthesia

Labib, Kristy

Research Interests: Regional Anesthesia/Acute Pain

Clinical Interests: Regional Anesthesiology/Acute Pain

LaMotte, Robert H

Research Interests: Pain; Dorsal root ganglion; Neurons; Electrophysiological; Neurochemical; Itch; Psychophysical; pruritic; Nociceptive sensations; Anesthesiology; Electrophysiology; Nervous System; Neurophysiology; Sensory System

Clinical Interests: Neural mechanism of pain and itch

Leonova, Maria

Clinical Interests: general anesthesiology; regional anesthesia

Lichtor, J. Lance

Clinical Interests: Pediatric Anesthesiology

Lobo, Ana Maria

Clinical Interests: Gynecologic and OB anesthesia

Luczycki, Stephen Matthew

Research Interests: Microbial pathogenesis; Sepsis; Liver failure

Clinical Interests: Transplant anesthesiology; critical care medicine

Mandel, Abraham L.Z.

Clinical Interests: Ob/Gyn anesthesia; high-risk obstetrics

Marschall, Katherine E

Clinical Interests: Vascular and thoracic anesthesia

McCloskey, Gerard F

Clinical Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; echocardiography

Mikhael, Hosni

Clinical Interests: Critical care; high risk obstetric anesthesia

Miller, Perry L

Research Interests: Biomedical informatics; Clinical informatics; Bioinformatics; Neuroinformatics

Modak, Raj K

Clinical Interests: Anesthesia machine; inhalation agents; pulmonary work and power ventilator weaning; mechanical properties of the aortae

Myslajek, Tori

Clinical Interests: Management of the Difficult Airway; Anesthesia for Liver Transplantation; Obstetric Anesthesia

Perrino, Albert C, Jr

Clinical Interests: Cardiovascular disease; pain; echocardiography

Popescu, Wanda M

Research Interests: Systolic and diastolic function during laparoscopic gastric bypass

Clinical Interests: Perioperative transesophageal echocardiography; thoracic and peripheral vascular anesthesia; cardiothoracic anesthesia; bariatric anesthesia; anesthesia for patients with coronary stents

Punjala, Mamatha

Clinical Interests: Pediatric, regional, and general anesthesias

Rafferty, Terence D

Clinical Interests: Echocardiography; cardiac anesthesia; Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE)

Ramani, Ramachandran

Research Interests: Functional MRI under anesthesia; Mechanism of action of anesthetics; Central effects of anesthetic agents

Clinical Interests: Neruoanesthesia; neuromonitoring; general anesthesia

Rock, Ira G.

Clinical Interests: anesthesiology

Romero, Robby M

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; OB anesthesia; Regional anesthesia

Rose, Margaret Jean

Clinical Interests: obstetrical anesthesia

Rosenblatt, William

Research Interests: Difficult airway; Airway simulation; Transtracheal Jet Ventilation; Preoperative Endoscopic Airway Evaluation (PEAE)

Clinical Interests: Anesthesia for otolarynoplogical surgery; teaching airway management; high fidelity simulation in anesthesiology; remedy developing world medical materials charity

Ruskin, Keith J

Clinical Interests: Neurosurgical anesthesia; perioperative informatics; aerospace medicine; general anesthesia; neuroanesthesia; medical computing

Santoro, Jose E.

Clinical Interests: Pediatric anesthesia, pediatric cardiac anesthesia, pediatric thoracic anesthesia, adult cardiothoracic anesthesia

Schonberger, Robert Brian

Clinical Interests: Cardiothoracic Anesthesia; Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation

Schwartz, Jeffrey J

Clinical Interests: High risk anesthesia; thoracic anesthesia; vascular anesthesia; endocrine anesthesia; resident education; assessing and remediating resident competency

Shelley, Kirk H

Research Interests: Pulse oximeter waveform analysis; Photoplethysmography; Ambulatory Care; Anesthesiology; Biochemistry; Cardiovascular Diseases; Electrical Engineering Or Electronics; Internal Medicine; Medical Devices; Surgery; Medical Devices; Non-invasive Cardiovascular Monitoring; Patient Monitoring; Pulse Oximeter Research

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; pulse oximeter research and non invasive patient monitoring

Silverman, David G

Research Interests: Anesthesiology; Cardiovascular System; Congestive Heart Failure; Headaches; Heart; Hypertension; Ischemia; Neuromuscular Disorders; Pain; Perfusion Or Reperfusion; Circulation; Circulatory Disorders; Endothelial Dysfunction; Healthcare Worker Safety; Hypovolemia; Microcirculation; Needle Safety; Needlesticks; Neuromuscular System; Neuromuscular Disorders

Clinical Interests: Preoperative assessment and planning for the surgical patient; Neuromuscular disorders and neuromuscular blocking drugs;

Sinatra, Raymond S

Clinical Interests: Acute pain management; analgesic research

Snegovskikh, Denis

Clinical Interests: OB

Sramcik, Julie

Clinical Interests: Adult anesthesia; perioperative care; acute postoperative pain

Stone, Shepard B

Clinical Interests: Low flow anesthesia; general anesthesiology; ergonomics; aviation medicine; post-anesthetic care

Tantawy, Hossam Eldin

Clinical Interests: Critical care; ventialter management; general adult anesthesiology

Thomas, Donna-Ann M

Clinical Interests: Adult pain, pediatric pain, sickle cell pain, cancer pain, headaches, spine pain, complex regional pain syndrome

Vadivelu, Nalini

Research Interests: Pain management; Pain education for all health care students; Airway management

Clinical Interests: Pain management; ambulatory anesthesia; Non operating room anesthesia

Vaitkeviciute, Irena

Clinical Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; Transesophageal Echocardiology (TEE)

Wardhan, Richa

Research Interests: Peripheral Venous waveforms; Ultrasound vs Nerve stimulation

Clinical Interests: regional anesthesiology: ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks & the causes of peripheral nerve injury; orthopedic anesthesia; joint replacement surgeries; post operative pain management.

Xu, Xiangru

Research Interests: Longevity genes; Epigenetics of brain aging and age-interventions

Zhou, Gary X.

Clinical Interests: Ambulatory anesthesia; anesthesia care and obstructive sleep apnea

Zhu, Qingbing

Research Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; Perioperative transesophageal echocardiography

Clinical Interests: Cardiac anesthesia; echo; spinal protection during descending aorta surgery