Americo E Esquibies, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics (Respiratory)

Research Interests

Hypoxia, Brain; Lung; Pediatrics; Respiration; Hyperoxia; Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A

Research Organizations

Pediatrics: Respiratory Medicine

Faculty Research

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD) occurs primarily in preterm infants who require mechanical ventilation and supplemental oxygen. High inspired oxygen levels can cause arrested lung development. My ultimate goal is to design strategies to treat preterm infants who are at risk for BPD in a manner that promotes normal lung development in the face of therapeutic interventions including supplemental oxygen.

Specialized Terms: Hypoxia; Lung development; VEGF; Hyperoxia; Prostaglandin D synthase

Extensive Research Description

The goal of our research is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie hyperoxic injury, and to identify potential protective mechanisms in the developing lung. Defining these mechanisms will set the stage for our long term goal of fully understanding the injury and repair process in the developing lung and the development of therapeutic strategies for the prevention and/or reversal of these processes. Specific VEGF isoform mice ( i.e. VEGF188+/+) are an important tool to elucidate the specific role of each isoform during lung development and hyperoxia. Preliminary work showed that VEGF 165 partly attenuates lung growth retardation and since VEGF 188 is expressed in greater amounts than VEGF 165, we speculate that VEGF 188 plays a major protective role against hyperoxic injury and also preventing lung growth failure

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Americo E Esquibies, MD, MBA
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Fitkin Memorial Pavilion
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