Adrian Maung MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery (Trauma)

Research Interests

Immunological changes after injury; Invasive and non-invasive monitoring in critical care; Ventilation weaning

Selected Publications

  • AA Maung, KM Schuster, LJ Kaplan, MF Ditillo, GL Piper, LL Maerz, FY Lui, DC Johnson, KA Davis. “Compared to Conventional Ventilation, Airway Pressure Release Ventilation May Increase Ventilator Days in Trauma Patients.” Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 2012
  • AA Maung, G Luckianow , LJ Kaplan. “Lessons learned from Airway Pressure Release Ventilation” Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 2012, 72(3):624-628
  • A. Maung and L. Kaplan. “Mechanical Ventilation” In ACS Surgery: Principles and Practice Published Online Feb 2012
  • AA Maung, LJ Kaplan, KM Schuster, DC Johnson, KA Davis. “Routine / protocol evaluation of trauma patients with suspected syncope is unnecessary.” Journal of Trauma 2011, 70(2):428-32
  • AA Maung, KM Schuster, LJ Kaplan, LL Maerz, KA Davis. “Risk of venous thromboembolism after spinal cord injury: not all levels are the same.” Journal of Trauma 2011, 71(5):1241-1245
  • Adrian A. Maung, Satoshi Fujimi, Malcolm P. MacConmara, Goro Tajima, Ann M. McKenna, Adam J. Delisle, Christopher Stallwood, Andrew B. Onderdonk, John A. Mannick, and James A. Lederer. “Injury Enhances Resistance to Escherichia coli Infection by Boosting Innate Immune System Function.” J Immunology, 2008, 180:2450-2458
  • M. MacConmara, A. Maung, S. Fujimi, A. McKenna, A. Delisle, P. Lapchak, S. Rogers, J. Lederer, J. Mannick. “Increased CD4+ CD25+ T Regulatory Cell Activity in Trauma Patients Depresses Protective Th1 Immunity.” Annals of Surgery, 2006 244(4):514-23
  • S. Fujimi, M. MacConmara, A. Maung, Y. Zang, J. Mannick, J. Lederer, P. Lapchak. “Platelet Depletion in Mice Increases Mortality After Thermal Injury.” Blood, 2006, 107(11):4399-4406
  • AA Maung, S. Fujimi, M. Miller, M. MacConmara, J. Mannick, J. Lederer. “Enhanced TLR4 Reactivity Following Injury is Mediated by Increased p38 Activation.” J Leukocyte Biology, 2005, 78(2):565-573
  • T. Quinn, A. Maung, A. Grodzinsky, E. Hunziker, J. Sandy. “Physical and Biological Regulation of Proteoglycan Turnover around Chondrocytes in Cartilage Explants: Implications for Tissue Degradation and Repair.” Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1999, 878:420-441

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