DeWei Li, PhD

Lecturer in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Public Health Interests

Aerosols; Air Pollution; Environmental Health; Exposure Assessment

Research Organizations

School of Public Health

Research Summary

Dr. Li’s research interests includes spatial and temporal patterns of airborne fungi, relationships of airborne fungi and air quality, characterization of airborne fungal spores, indoor fungal diversity, sampling strategy of indoor fungi investigation, indoor fungal ecology, and biosystematics of anamorphic fungi with a focus on Stachybotrys and allies.

Selected Publications

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Contact Info

DeWei Li, PhD
Mailing Address
153 Cook Hill Road
Windsor, CT 06095

Curriculum Vitae

DeWei Li

Biology of Microfungi

This reference book includes 24 chapters written by a group of experts in the different fields of microfungi and cover a broad range of topics on microfungi.