DeWei Li PhD, MSc

Lecturer in Epidemiology (Environmental Health)

Departments & Organizations

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental BiologySchool of Public Health

Research Interests

Spatial and temporal patterns of airborne fungi, indoor molds, anamorphic fungi. more...


  • M.Sc., Lakehead University, 1990
  • Ph.D., University of Waterloo, 1994

Selected Publications

  • Wiederhold N P., Sutton D A, Li D.-W., Liang Y, Thompson E H., Wickes B L., Herrera M L., Rhoads S L. and Mortensen J E. 2014. Stachybotrys eucylindrospora isolated from foreign material following a traumatic eye injury. Mycoses doi:101111/myc.12173
  • Jie CY, Geng K, Jiang YL, Xu JJ, Hyde KD, McKenzie EHC, Zhang TY, Bahkali AH, Li DW, Wang Y. 2013. Stachybotrys from soil in China, identified by morphology and molecular phylogeny. Mycological Progress 12: 693-698
  • Gent J. F., Kezik, J. M., Hill, M E., Tsai, E., Li, D.-W., Leaderer, B. P. 2012. Household mold and dust allergens: Exposure, sensitization and childhood asthma morbidity. Environmental Research 118: 86-93.



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