Physiology Core

General Overview

The primary aim of the Physiology Core is to offer core members comprehensive, state-of-the-art, physiologic assessment of bone metabolism in animal models of musculoskeletal disease. A secondary aim of the Core is to offer specific training in these procedures to the technical staff, fellows, and junior faculty in laboratories of Core investigators.

Core Services

  • Preparation of undecalcified tissue sections and specialized staining of bone from animal models of disease, such as in genetically engineered mice (eg, PTHrP knockout mice). Click here to learn more about the Histology lab's tissue processing options.
  • Interpretation of static and dynamic parameters of bone histomorphometric analysis.
  • Measurement of biochemical markers of bone turnover in serum and urine collected in animal studies, and measurement of bone cell markers from cell and organ culture experiments.
  • Assessment of bone mineral density ex vivo using peripheral quantitative computed tomography.
  • Provide instruction to technical staff, fellows, and junior faculty with research interests coincident with the mission of the Core.
  • MicroCT Imaging.