Community-Based Participatory Resarch (CBPR)

For over 10 years, the Yale Program has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with a number of organizations in New Haven employing the CBPR model for community-partnered projects. Scholars have partnered with community organizations on over 30 different community-partnered projects. CBPR has proven to be a valuable approach to:

  • Applying research skills Scholars to the translation of research findings into action in real time
  • Providing new perspectives on health issues from a community and/or consumer perspective
  • Build the skills and knowledge of both the Scholar and their community partner on an issue
  • Plan strategies for sustainability for new interventions and continuous quality improvement
  • Learn to work as co-equal members of a diverse team each with unique experience and expertise

Those trained in CBPR have an advantage in understanding the emerging interest in patient centered care outcomes and with institutions and funders seeking investigators with CBPR experience.

Community is defined as consumers of healthcare and their advocated, traditional and non-traditional providers of healthcare, and local and state policymakers. With the assumption that genuine community-academic partnerships are the best way to improve health locally, the RWJF CSP is committed to not only providing classroom content on CBPR but also encouraging Scholars to engage in a local health research project that applies the principles of CBPR.