Program Mission

The mission of the Yale Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program (RWJF CSP) is to prepare a select group of physicians to improve health and healthcare in the US through scholarship and action at the national, state, and local levels.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the nation needs physician leaders who are capable of developing solutions to the problems that continue to undermine health and healthcare. Despite enormous technological advances in medicine and healthcare delivery, the nation’s healthcare system continues to be plagued by many problems including barriers to access, a disproportionate burden of illness imposed on vulnerable populations, misaligned incentives, fragmentation of healthcare services, and persistent concerns about the safety, effectiveness, efficiency, equity, and patient-centeredness of care.

Through coursework, practical experiences, interaction with health leaders, and research, the Yale Program prepares Scholars to work effectively across disciplines, think creatively about healthcare issues, generate ideas and test hypotheses, participate in policy development, work within communities, and lead organizational change. The Program balances classroom experience with ample time for research project development and individual mentoring.