CyTOF 2: Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer for high-speed acquisition of highly multi-parametric single cell data

The CyTOF 2 analyzes cells labeled with stable heavy metal isotopes using time-of-flight atomic mass cytometry technology.

  • Multi-parametric single cell data, deep profiling 
  • Detect up to 34 parameters simultaneously in a single tube (with theoretical limit of 100 parameters) 
  • Detect more from limited samples 
  • Advantages over traditional flow cytometry: No background, no overlap between channels, no compensation issues 
  • The CyTOF is checked daily for optimal performance. Ala Nassar is available during work hours for consultation

Reagents: Labeled antibodies are available from DVS Sciences ( including metal-conjugated individual antibodies (>200); ready to use MaxPar Panel Kits comprised of 6-17 well-characterized markers for human or mouse cell populations; and metal labeling reagents for in-house conjugation of antibodies. Note that metal conjugated anti-fluorochrome antibodies (e.g. anti-FITC) are also available that can be used with existing fluorescent reagents. 

Biosafety Policies: All infectious, human, and non-human primate cells must be fixed before they are analyzed on the CyTOF. 

Charges: Analysis is available as a fee for service and usage with Ala Nassar or by independent users after completing training. Non-Yale users will be accommodated as possible. Please contact Dr. Montgomery.

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