Read Comments from Residents about the Workshop

  • "We had similar experiences in do we conceptualize and describe these experiences differently?"
  • "I didn’t realize some of the emotions I was feeling until writing them down...they weren’t processed until writing."
  • "(I learned to use) individual words that you would never use in a progress note...what the patient looked like, smelled like...It makes you look at them in a different way...The act of writing changes the way you look at patients."
  • "...(writing showed me that) I can learn everything I need to know from the patient. I try to impress that on the interns."
  • "I’ve been interviewing for jobs...every single place asked about the workshop, more than the other things on my resume."
  • "The feedback we received to improve our pieces and the attention to detail in my peers' pieces has made me more mindful of the physical details in a patient's room or what they're wearing or how the patient interacts with their physical surroundings …this conversation might be the substance for something that I may want to write about."
  • "Part of the ripple was having had Grand Rounds and distributing our writing. It infuses the culture of this place...I’ve talked to faculty, and also to other residents who wished they’d been brave enough to sign up."
  • "The writing and discussion group had an immediate and profound impact on me in residency, through the process of clarifying experiences in writing, then commiserating and sharing with trusted colleagues; but also lasting impact, through encouraging my sustained interest in writing. The workshop led me not only to a research focus on the utility of reflective writing in medical education, but also to my own continued writing. I now incorporate reflective writing exercises in teaching seminars for med students, residents, and mixed provider groups; and I am starting to see my work published, here and there. This has been so rewarding."