Primary Sites of Training

Training occurs at two major sites:

  • Yale New Haven Hospital – the Beeson Service
  • Connecticut Veterans Administration Health Care system, West Haven (V.A.)

Yale-New Haven Hosptial & the Beeson Service

The main hospital facility, completed in April 1982 and the Children’s Hospital, completed in July 1993, structurally integrate all inpatient medical beds. Yale-New Haven Hospital is a 944-bed tertiary referral center which includes the 201-bed Yale Children’s hospital, and the 76-bed Yale-New Haven Psychiatric Hospital.

The Internal Medicine Service at Yale is named after Dr Paul Beeson, one of the most illustrious figures in American medicine in the latter half of the 20th century, who was Chairman of Medicine at Yale from 1952 until 1965.

The Beeson Service occupies the fifth, eighth, ninth, and tenth floors of the East Pavilion, the Fifth floor of the South Pavilion (Medical Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit), and the ninth floor of the West Pavilion (Medical Oncology). Most of the services are now fairly well localized geographically.

For additional information visit the Yale New-Haven Hospital website.

Connecticut Veterans Administration Health Care System
The West Haven Campus of V.A. Connecticut is located just a few miles south of Yale-New Haven Hospital. V.A. Connecticut-West Haven is a full service tertiary care inpatient and outpatient facility serving approximately 54,000 veterans in Connecticut. V.A. Connecticut additionally receives cardiac and specialty referrals from Western Massachusetts, Upstate New York and Rhode Island. The Medicine Service comprises two thirty-bed acute medicine/surgery units on the fourth floor, a twenty bed step down unit on the fifth floor, and a six-bed Medical Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Patients are admitted by the medical residents on the basis of acute medical need from the Emergency Department, clinics, other services, electively through both general medical and subspecialty clinics and by direct referral from other Veterans Administration facilities for special needs.