New Haven is a mecca for young people despite being a smaller city.  Though being single and moving to New Haven may initially seem daunting, after moving here many residents find New Haven to be a great place to meet like-minded people.  The major reason for this is Yale.  With over 4,000 graduate students, 2,000 post-doctoral students and fellows, New Haven has a thriving post-graduate scene.  In addition, Yale-New Haven Hospital employs 8,500 people, with 600 residents in over 100 different specialties.  First and foremost, the close-knit camaraderie among your fellow co-residents, along with the size of the internal medicine class, means that nearly every night there will be residents who have the day off and are looking to do something fun.  Also, the Graduate-Professional Student Center at Yale is a short walking distance from the hospital and houses Gryphon’s pub, which is a favorite evening hangout for residents and graduate students.  GPSCY hosts events for holidays, weekly karaoke nights, and themed get togethers.  Also, numerous other organizations exist for organized hikes, restaurant outings, and museum visits.  Look at the Yale University, Office of New Haven and State Website for the Guide for Young Professionals and graduate students.