New Haven is unique in its incredibly high concentration of phenomenal restaurants. Within 3 to 4 blocks of the hospital, you can be eating at the birthplace of the hamburger, an experimental sushi restaurant that uses dill sauce and peanut butter, or one of five Thai restaurants (4 of which are on one corner). This is not to mention that if you go a bit further, you can try Pepe’s or Sally’s pizza. They are on the same block, and they have been battling for the title of the best brick oven pizza for over 70 years. Finally, if you are at the hospital and want to grab something even closer, the street in front of the hospital transforms into a line of 30 carts from local restaurants every day at lunchtime, with food options from all over the world.

Checkout this page for information about the wide range of culinary delights available in New Haven.