Ethnic Minorities & LGBTQ

Ethnic Minorities

Yale School of Medicine, Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Yale Department of Medicine strive to recruit students from diverse backgrounds including a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. We believe that residents learn best how to care for a diverse population of patients when they themselves have the opportunity to interact and train with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. It is through the eyes and experiences of others that we learn about who we are and how we are perceived. This perspective greatly enhances an individual’s effectiveness in connecting with patients and peers. Yale University, Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Medical Center provide access to rich cultural opportunities to connect with other professionals in and around the medical center and New Haven. Recruiting an ethnically diverse housestaff is a priority goal for our Department’s Traditional, Primary Care and Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Programs.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ)

Yale-New Haven Medical Center, Yale School of Medicine and the Yale Department of Medicine have a long history of supporting equality for sexual minorities. Long before Connecticut recognized same-sex marriage in 2008, Yale was a leader in equal benefits and recognition for same-sex couples. Our environment is a welcoming place for LGBTQ trainees, faculty and their partners and allies. There is a diverse and well-connected community throughout the University and the New Haven area.  As Rolling Stone magazine wrote in 2001, “Yale University, in New Haven, Connecticut, has always been at the forefront of gay campus culture: What happens there tends to occur at other campuses a few years later.” We pride ourselves on the diversity of our Department's residency programs and we welcome the opportunity to connect applicants with LGBTQ residents and faculty to provide additional information about our programs, New Haven and Yale.

Several helpful links about the Yale and New Haven LGBTQ communities are provided on this page. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.