About our Program

Welcome from the Program Director

Mark Siegel, M.D.

Mark Siegel 2016

Thank you for visiting the Yale Traditional Internal Medicine Residency Program website.  Whether you're finalizing your rank list or just beginning your search, we invite you to explore our program, read our Mission Statement, meet our residents, staff, and faculty, and witness our passion for teaching, research, and patient care.

Our residents come from all over the United States, enriching us with exceptional skills, talents, and interests.  Our family includes accomplished scientists, future leaders in health policy, and gifted clinician teachers.  Whatever their career goals, our residents share a passion for medicine, a love for teaching, and a desire to push the boundaries of knowledge.

We serve an ethnically and socioeconomically diverse population, from the elderly woman in clinic with diabetes to to the young man in the ICU with septic shock.  As a resident, you will be challenged to think critically, acquire advanced technical skills, delve into research, and to write and teach.  You will be asked to contribute to our community - to serve on committees, lead conferences, and mentor junior colleagues.  The depth and breadth of our hospitals, clinics, and laboratories will offer you endless opportunities to pursue your passions and prepare for any career you wish to seek.  Our dedicated faculty will support you every step of the way.

So welcome to our website.  Look behind the doors, consider the possibilities, and call or email us if you'd like to chat.

Mission Statement: Yale Traditional Internal Medicine Residency Program

Adopted June 19, 2012

We, the residents and leadership of the Yale Traditional Internal Medicine Residency Program, unite to affirm, uphold, and assert our guiding principles as follows:

  1. To provide exemplary medical care, treating all patients who come before us with uncompromising dedication and skill.
  2. To set and pursue the highest goals for ourselves as we learn the science, craft, and art of Medicine.
  3. To passionately teach our junior colleagues and students as we have been taught by those who preceded us.
  4. To treat our colleagues and hospital staff with kindness, respect, generosity of spirit, and patience.
  5. To foster the excellence and well-being of our residency program by generously offering our time, talent, and energy on its behalf.
  6. To support and contribute to the research mission of our medical center, nation, and the world by pursuing new knowledge, whether at the bench or bedside.
  7. To promote the translation of the latest scientific knowledge to the bedside to improve our understanding of disease pathogenesis and ensure that all patients receive the most scientifically appropriate and up to date care.
  8. To promote responsible stewardship of medical resources by wisely selecting diagnostic tests and treatments, recognizing that our individual decisions impact not just our own patients, but patients everywhere.
  9. To promote social justice by advocating for equitable health care, without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, or ability to pay.
  10. To extend our talents outside the walls of our hospitals and clinics, to promote the health and well-being of communities, locally, nationally, and internationally.
  11. To serve as proud ambassadors for the mission of the Yale Traditional Internal Medicine Residency Program for the remainder of our professional lives.