Nathan A Boggs

Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine


  • Ph.D., Cornell University, 2009
  • M.D., Uniformed Services University, 2014

Selected Publications

  • Boggs NA, Nasrallah JB, Nasrallah ME. Independent S-locus mutations caused self-fertility in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genet. 2009 Mar;5(3):e1000426.
  • Boggs NA, Dwyer KG, Nasrallah ME, Nasrallah JB. Curr Biol. In vivo detection of residues required for ligand-selective activation of the S-locus receptor in Arabidopsis. Current Biology. 2009 May 12;19(9):786-91.
  • Baibakov B and Boggs NA et al. Human sperm bind to the N-terminal domain of ZP2 in humanized zonae pellucidae in transgenic mice. J Cell Biol. 2012 Jun 25;197(7):897-905.


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