Inpatient Education

Introduction to Inpatient Education

Our residents obtain their inpatient education at the two campuses of Yale-New Haven Hospital; the “York Street Campus” and the “Chapel Street Campus”.  This is a result of the acquisition by Yale-New Haven Hospital on September 12, 2012, of the other hospital in New Haven, the Hospital of St. Raphael (now the “Chapel Street Campus”), forming one hospital with two campuses located just 0.5 miles apart.  This 1500 bed institution is the fifth largest hospital in the United States and brings a unique opportunity for our Department and Academic Medical Center to positively impact the care of our community in an integrated and coordinated manner.  Because of this merger, the “community hospital” inpatient general medicine rotations for the Yale Primary Care and Medicine-Pediatrics residents that have previously occurred at Waterbury Hospital are fully transitioning to the Chapel Street Campus of Yale-New Haven Hospital for June 2014.  The highly successful general medicine “Firm Structure” that has been in place at Waterbury Hospital will be replicated at the Chapel Street Campus of Yale-New Haven Hospital.  The inpatient rotations for our residents are organized to take advantage of the breadth and depth of clinical care provided across these campuses in alignment with the distribution of clinical programs, centers of excellence, and faculty expertise.  General internal medicine will be the focus of rotations at the Chapel Street Campus and subspecialty medicine will be the focus of rotations at the York Street Campus.  This balanced mix of rotations on dedicated subspecialty Firms and general medicine Firms provides trainees with an optimal set of experiences in clinical inpatient internal medicine as well as the opportunity to work with world class faculty experts in each of these settings.


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General Medicine Firm(s) at Chapel Street Campus

Our residents’ rotations in General Medicine will occur primarily at the Chapel Street Campus where


Subspecialty Firms (York Street Campus)

There are five subspecialty Firms at the York Street Campus that housestaff...

Residents Working

Critical Care Rotations (York and Chapel Street Campus')

The goal of medical training in the intensive care units is to educate residents...