Contact Information

As a new Internal Medicine Traditional Program (IM-Traditional) intern you'll work with many talented individuals from different offices to prepare you to begin your internship this June. The program's main administrative contact is Nancy DiLella (see below) for all your questions.

Nancy DiLella
Senior Administrative Assistant, Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program
(Note:  Her office is located at 330 Cedar Street, FMP 101, doorway access is located in the main hall, first floor, across the hall from the Fitkin Amphitheater.)
203-785-4123 tel
203-785-7258 fax

Match Lists

Welcome and Congratulations to the New Interns of the Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program!

The Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Program's Intern Match List 14-15

To Do

The new intern "To Do" list is below.  Please read each section and follow the instructions.  Pay particular attention to dates and who should receive the information requested.

1) Due by Monday, March 24th by 4:00PM (EST) - Acceptance Statement for NRMP Matched Position

You received a "Welcome" email sent to you by your residency program on Friday, March 21st. We ask that you please acknowledge acceptance of your matched position with your residency program by sending an email using the program TEXT shown below to NICOLE POTTER (Registrar) no later than Monday, March 24, 2014 by 4:00PM (EST).

  • Combined Medicine/Pediatrics Interns (type this statement into an email to Nicole Potter):  
    • I acknowledge acceptance of my NRMP matched position with the Yale Combined Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program for the Academic Year 2014-2015.
      Jane Doe Smith, 3/21/2014
  • Internal Medicine-Traditional Interns (type this statement into an email to Nicole Potter):  
    • I acknowledge acceptance of my NRMP matched position with the Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Residency Program for the Academic Year 2014-2015.
      Jane Doe Smith, 3/21/2014
  • Primary Care Interns (type this statement into an email to Nicole Potter):  
    • I acknowledge acceptance of my NRMP matched position with the Yale Primary Care Residency Program for the Academic Year 2014-2015.
      Jane Doe Smith, 3/21/2014

2) Due by Monday, March 24th by 4:00PM (EST) - Matched Intern Survey

Your residency programs have approximately 10 questions for you that we need you to answer for us (e.g. Are you away this Spring when you'll be out of contact?, your preferred contact information, etc.)  Watch for an email the afternoon of March 21st from Nicole Potter (Registrar) containing a link to the Matched Intern Survey.  Please complete the survey no later than March 24th, by 4:00PM (EST).

3) Complete and Mail by March 31st - VA Paperwork

Open all three of the hyperlinks below to complete your VA paperwork. Mail originals to Nicole Potter (address below), post-marked no later than March 31, 2014. We apologize but we are not able to accept PDF copies - a security measure.  Nicole will email you when she receives your VA paperwork in the mail.  Every new intern is required by their residency program to complete VA paperwork and return it to Nicole Potter, Registrar.

Questions about the 3 VA paperwork forms?

Email or call Elizabeth (Liz) Castellon who is our VA Department of Internal Medicine administrative contact with your questions about the VA paperwork forms.  Telephone: (203) 932-5711 ext. 2704

All other questions about your VA paperwork?  Email or call Nicole Potter. Telephone: (203) 785-7948

MAIL your VA paperwork originals to...

Nicole Potter
Registrar, Yale Department of Internal Medicine-Education
333 Cedar Street, PO Box 208030
15 York Street, LMP 1091-B
New Haven, CT 06520

4) E-mail to arrive by May 1st - Y-NHH Web-based Training

Every new intern will receive an automated email by May 12, 2014 from Yale-New Haven Hospital with information about the "Red Carpet Portal".  The "Red Carpet Portal" is your access to the web-based Y-NHH Mandatory Training (see instructions below).  Please watch your e-mail and your junk e-mail for this important message.

  • Prior to June 11, 2014, complete the web-based Y-NHH Mandatory Training described in the Y-NHH. Login instructions will be included.
  • Interns who do not complete the web-based Y-NHH Mandatory Training prior to June 11, 2014 will be unable to participate in intern orientation.

5) UPDATE! (Posted April 17th)...Your Y-NHH Paperwork Packet will be MAILED to you the week of May 12th!

UPDATE posted April 17th....The week of May 12th Yale-New Haven Hospital House Staff Office (Y-NHH HSO) will MAIL every new intern a packet of paperwork to complete and mail back to THEIR office.  Please follow the instructions provided in the packet, complete all documents as soon as possible, and return everything to the Y-NHH HSO by the date requested in the enclosed instructions.

  • All your Y-NHH paperwork must be completed and received by the Y-NHH HSO prior to the first day of intern orientation (June 11th) or you will be unable to participate in intern orientation.
  • Please call the Y-NHH Housestaff Office at (203) 688-2259 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Y-NHH paperwork.

6) Due by April 20th - Photo for your Yale University ID

Yale University requires that all interns/residents be issued an official Yale University photo identification card. You will need a Yale ID for access to Yale University buildings on the Yale Medical School Campus, and for access to Yale transportation facilities and other Yale services.

In order to have your Yale ID card ready for you upon your arrival on June 11th for your intern orientation, please electronically submit a color PASSPORT PHOTO to your residency program administrator (see list below) no later than April 20, 2014. If a Passport Photo is not possible, you may submit a color snapshot (electronically) showing a full front view of your head and shoulders to your residency program administrator. All photos must have awhite background. To learn more about Passport photo requirements, please go to the U.S. Passports & International Travel website.

  • Combined Medicine/Pediatrics Interns - Email photo to Mary Sarah Thanas (
  • Internal Medicine-Traditional Interns - Email photo to Nancy DiLella (
  • Primary Care Interns - Email photo to Monique Plinck (

7) Due by Friday, June 13th - Medical School Diploma

Please email a PDF copy* of your Medical School Diploma to NICOLE POTTER (Registrar) at no later than Friday, June 13, 2014.

  • If you will not receive your Medical School Diploma by June 13th, obtain a letter from your Medical School Registrar's Office (on school letterhead) that indicates successful completion of your Medical School degree(s).  The letter from your Medical School Registrar's Office (on school letterhead) may be emailed to Nicole Potter by Friday, June 13th.
  • Please Note:  You will be asked by the Y-NHH Housestaff Office to provide another copy of your Medical School Diploma to their office.

* A jpeg copy of your Medical School Diploma may be forwarded to Nicole Potter, but only if it is saved with high-resolution and the entire face of the diploma is shown.


The Yale Department of Internal Medicine-Education, Intern Orientation for Internal Medicine-Traditional Residency Program new interns begins on WEDNESDAY, June 11, 2014 at 8:00 a.m. at the The Anlyan Center (TAC) Auditorium, 300 Cedar Street (first floor), New Haven, CT (corner of Cedar Street and Congress Avenue).  Intern orientation activities end on Friday, June 20th.  The next morning, interns begin clinical rotations with Medicine on Saturday, June 21, 2014 with pre-rounds.

  • Participation is mandatory in all daily intern orientation training activities Contact Nancy DiLella at with any concerns about your arrival date.
  • Orientation Schedules will be finalized in June by Nancy DiLella when she'll email you a finalized copy.  The first day of intern orientation, Wednesday, June 11th, you'll also receive a paper copy of your intern orientation schedule when you register in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions by Newly Matched Interns

What is the AY2014-2015 Salary for PGY-1 Interns?

  • The AY2014-2015 Salary for all PGY-1 Interns is $59,700.
    • The YNHH Housestaff Office telephone number is 203-688-2259 if you have any questions or concerns about your salary.

When will I receive my first paycheck?

Provided that all required Y-NHH paperwork for the intern is received by the Y-NHH Housestaff Office before orientation and provided that all required web-based mandatory training is completed before orientation, the first intern paycheck (paper check) will be distributed to the intern by their residency program's administrator (Nancy DiLella) on July 3, 2014.  Interns go to their residency program administrator's office to pickup their first paycheck.  See "To Do" tab. 

Intern employment/pay begins on the first day the resident participates in orientation.

Who can provide me with an employment letter?

Contact Nicole Potter, Registrar, if you need a letter of employment for an apartment rental, home purchase, etc. Email her at or telephone her at 203-785-7948.

When will our Medicine rotation schedules be finalized?

Medicine Rotation Schedules will be finalized in June by the five (5) Internal Medicine-Traditional Chiefs.  See "Schedule Requests" tab.  Also, see the "Chiefs and Faculty" tab for their contact information.  You'll receive login instructions for the program's AMION schedules from your Internal Medicine-Traditional Chiefs once the schedules are finalized in June.

When do PGY-1 medicine clinical rotations begin?

Clinical rotations for new PGY-1 interns beginwith Medicine on SATURDAY, June 21, 2014 with pre-rounds in the morning.

Living in Connecticut - Helpful Hyperlinks for your Transition to Connecticut

Many of you will be moving to Connecticut for the first time in June.  Below are a list of helpful hyperlinks to assist you as you settle into your new home.



Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles

Connecticut Town Listing


Local Newspapers


Schedule Requests

Internal Medicine-Traditional interns will complete 2 separate schedule requests in March and April. See list below.

  1. The IM-Traditional Chiefs' Intern Schedule Request will ask various detailed questions including your preferences for vacation time.  See "Chiefs and Faculty" tab for their contact information if you have any questions for your IM-Traditional Chiefs.
  2. The Elective Schedule Request will allow you to choose your elective rotation preferences from a descriptive list of electives provided and you'll prioritize the electives you choose in order of preference. An email containing a link, your login and password, and instructions will be sent to you on Monday, April 21st and must be completed no later than 11:59PM on Monday, May 5, 2014. If you have any questions about the elective schedule request, please contact Barbara Wanciak.

Your AY2014-2015 Internal Medicine Traditional Program Chiefs use a common Yale email address (see below) to communicate with all their interns and residents (see below).  Also listed below are the program's Faculty Program Directors (click each name to email them).

Chiefs email address:

Chiefs email display name:  Yale IM-Trad Chiefs 14-15 

AY14-15 Yale Internal Medicine Traditional Program Chiefs:

  • Dr. Marguerite Balasta
  • Dr. Rachel David
  • Dr. John McGinnis
  • Dr. Sameer Nagpal
  • Dr. Morgan Soffler
We have a Core Faculty web page where you may view all our core faculty profiles. 

Faculty Program Directors: