Several clinical and research conference seminars are offered at Yale-New Haven Medical Center and many of the affiliated hospitals each week.

The weekly schedule is posted under our Calendar.

  • Thoracic Oncology Tumor Board:

    Multidisciplinary case-based discussion and didactic teaching on challenging thoracic oncology and thoracic surgical cases attended by faculty and fellows in departments of pulmonary, oncology, cardiothoracic surgery, therapeutic radiation oncology, radiology, pathology and social work.

  • Monthly Journal Club Presentations:

    One hour review in the methodology and results of up-to-date publications in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine.

  • Interstitial Lung Disease Multidisciplinary Conference:

    Multidisciplinary case-based discussion and education led by ILD specialists, including in-depth review of cases with radiology and pathology.

  • Pulmonary Research Conference:

    Faculty and fellow research in progress presentation.

  • Winchester Chest Clinic Conference:

    Case-based discussion and didactics on various pulmonary diseases.

  • West Haven Fellows Clinic Case Conference:

    Case-based discussion and education on various pulmonary diseases.

  • Sleep Medicine Conference:

    Review of topics in sleep physiology and sleep disorders.

  • State Chest Conference:

    In this weekly Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Grand Rounds conference, recognized national and international guests deliver presentations in various topics of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine.

  • Fellows' Case Presentations:

    Fellow driven interactive case-based education and didactic evidence-based teaching on various pulmonary, critical care and sleep topics.

  • Internal Medicine Grand Rounds:

    Weekly Department of Internal Medicine conference by Yale faculty and invited speakers.

  • MICU Noon Conference:

    Weekly conference covering MICU topics, including end of life, morbidity & mortality, interdisciplinary conference, and critical care journal club.