Pulmonary Function Lab

On Behalf of Dr. Chupp, Myself and the Staff, welcome to the Pulmonary Function Lab!

In addition to the staff and the directions here are a few facts about our PFT LAB.

This lab was built on the development and innovation of Physicians, Respiratory Therapist, and engineers who pursued the desire to understand the function of the lungs by capturing and documenting the measurements of flows, and gas exchange. From spirograph, to electronic, to digital, this lab has always moved its testing into the future.

From building one of the first Plethysmographs in the world, to traveling around the country and collecting a normal value data base, the staff of the Pulmonary Function lab has always partnered with the leading Physicians to improve and understand the quality of lung function and health.

The focus of the lab has always shifted to meet the needs of this community it serves. As the tests been developed and applied the labs focus has moved from developing equipment to clinical and research applications.

Under the guidance and support of Dr. Geoffrey Chupp we have tripled the number of studies in the last 8 years to Performing over 9000 test each year on over 3000 patients. We will continue to develop and grow in this same spirit.


Gail Flynn

Patient Registration

Patient Registration: Office of Professional services, is located in the lobby of the Dana Building, to the left of the information desk. You will need to register before being seen in the Pulmonary Laboratory. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, as you register tell the person registering you that you are going to the Pulmonary Laboratory located on Fitkin 2, take the "C" elevator to the Second floor, turn right at the first corridor go left, (sign for Yale Physicians Building) The entrance to the Winchester Chest Clinic also the entrance to the Pulmonary Laboratory, will be the first door on your left.