Ordering Pulmonary Function Procedures

There are two main categories that ordering fall into, Inpatient and outpatients. The systems used for ordering each are different.

The one exception is same day orders. Before sending orders, your clinic will need to check with the lab for appointment availability for all patient who are not on the schedule for that day. Please have your administrative assistant call to check. These are time sensitive procedures and every effort will be made to help.

Please call the Pulmonary Lab at (203) 785-4167  with questions.

For Clinic PatientsFor InpatientsFor Community Based Patients
or Hospital Discharges

Step One : Ordering

Step One : Ordering

Step One : Ordering

Order is placed into Centricity formally known as Logician.

Each test must be specifically ordered and not just PFT’S.

Also included must be diagnosis,
insurance information , as well as prior authorizations and the physician’s signature.

In the case of a transplant the case number assigned.

The order must be electronically signed and then given to or routed to your administrative assistant for scheduling.

Please check with them.

Inpatient orders are entered into SCM.
Each test must be ordered specifically.

Be certain to include a diagnosis on the form.

These orders print out in the PFT lab.

Inpatient procedures are done in between scheduled outpatients. If there is urgency please call the lab and let us know so that we might prioritize your patient better.

Community based physicians offices can call the pulmonary lab at (203) 785-4167 for a paper requisition.

The order form needs to be completed :
Diagnosis, insurance authorizations, physicians signature as well as pt information are required before step two. You may then fax back the completed form.

The fax number is (203) 785-4166.

Step Two : Scheduling

Step Two : SchedulingStep Two : Scheduling
Your scheduler must call for an appointment.  Every effort is made to coordinate clinic visit.The pulmonary lab will call the floor and schedule the patient. Your scheduler must call for an appointment.  Every effort is made  to meet your patient needs.