Timothy E. Quan MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Rheumatology)

Departments & Organizations

Internal Medicine: Rheumatology

Research Interests

viruses; autoimmune pathology; biology of fibrocytes more...


  • BS, Yale, 1990
  • M.D., SUNY at Brooklyn, 1996

Selected Publications

  • Quan, T., Bucala, R. Culture and analysis of circulating fibrocytes. Arthritis Research Methods and Protocols, Vol 1 (ed. Cope), Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, 135:423-433, 2007.
  • Quan, T., Cowper, S., Bucala, R., The role of circulating fibrocytes in fibrosis. Current Reports in Rheumatology, 8(2):145-50, 2006.
  • Kang, I., Siperstein, R., Quan, T., Breitenstein, ML. Utility of age, gender, and ANA titer and pattern as predictors of anti-ENA and -dsDNA antibodies. Clinical Rheumatology, 23:509-515, 2004.



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