Stephen Joseph Huot, MD, PhD

Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (YSM); Vice Chair, Education and Academic Affairs

Research Interests

Education, Medical; Health Services; Hypertension; Nephrology; Global Health; Health Care

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine: General Internal Medicine | Nephrology

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

Dr. Huot’s main areas of academic interest are medical education and hypertension quality improvement/health service research. His scholarly interests in medical education are in the area of evaluating clinical competence, faculty development, and assessing the impact of training program and teaching service structure on patient care and education.

Specialized Terms: Medical education; Hypertension quality improvement; Health services research

Selected Publications

  • Holmboe, ES, Huot SJ, Brienza RS, Hawkins RE. The Association of faculty and Residents’ Gender on Faculty Evaluations of Internal Medicine Residents in 16 Residencies. Academic Medicine 2009, 84(3): 381-384
  • Berg, D., Huot, SJ. Middle Manager Role of the Chief Medical Resident: An Organizational Psychologist’s Perspective. Journal of General Internal Medicine JGIM 2007;22 (12): 1771-1774.
  • Windish, D., Huot, SJ, Green, M. Medical Residents’ Understanding of the Biostatistics and Results in the Medical Literature. JAMA 2007, 298(09):1010-1017.
  • Horwitz, L, Krumholtz, H, Huot, SJ, Green, M. Internal Medicine Residents’ Clinical and Didactic Experiences After Work Hour Regulation. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2006, 21(9):961-965.
  • Horwitz, L, Krumholtz, H, Green, M., Huot, SJ. Transfers of Care between House Staff on Internal Medicine Wards. Archives of Internal Medicine 2006, 166: 1173-1177.
  • Meehan, TP, Tate, J, Holmboe, ES, Teeple, E, Elwell, A, Meehan, R, Petrillo, M, Huot, SJ. A Collaborative Initiative to Improve the Care of Elderly Medicare Patients with Hypertension. American Journal of Medical Quality 2004, 19 (3) 103-111.
  • Holmboe, ES, Hawkins, RE, Huot, SH. Direct Observation of Competence Training: A New Approach to Improving Faculty Evaluations of Residents and Students. Annals of Internal Medicine 2004, 140: 874-881.
  • Fairchild, DG, Benjamin, E, Gifford, D, Huot, SJ. “Physician Leadership: Enhancing The Career Development of Academic Physician Administrators and Leaders.” Academic Medicine 2004 79(3):214-218.

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Stephen Joseph Huot, MD, PhD
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