Robert J Alpern MD

Ensign Professor of Medicine (Nephrology); Dean, Yale School of Medicine

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student ResearchYSM Dean's OfficeInternal Medicine: Nephrology

Research Interests

Epithelial physiology; Membrane transport; Acid-base homeostasis more...


  • B.A., Northwestern University, 1972
  • M.D., University of Chicago, 1976

Selected Publications

  • Long, S, and RJ Alpern. Editorial: Science for Future Physicians. Science 324: 1241, 2009.
  • Laghmani, K., A. Sakamoto, M. Yanagisawa, P.A. Preisig, and R.J. Alpern. A consensus sequence in the endothelin B receptor second intracellular loop is required for NHE3 activation by endothelin-1. Am. J. Physio. 288:F732-F739, 2005.
  • Li, S, S Sato, X Yang, PA Preisig, RJ Alpern. Pyk2 is a pH sensor signaling acid activation of NHE3 in OKP cells. J Clin. Invest. 114:1782-1789,2004.



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