Onyema Eberechukwu Ogbuagu MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (AIDS)

Research Interests

Tuberculosis; HIV/HCV co-infection; Antimicrobial resistance, Pharmacokinetic studies

Selected Publications

  • Manzi, O., and Ogbuagu, O. Serial low cost interventions double hand hygiene rates among medical teams in a resource limited setting. Results of a hand hygiene quality improvement project conducted at University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK), Rwanda. East African Medical Journal 2014, 91(2):44-49.
  • Lee, TM., Shenoi, SV., and Ogbuagu O. Disseminated tuberculosis manifesting as cholestasis in a patient with AIDS: a presentation to remember. British Medical Journal Case Reports 2014 Feb 23.
  • Ogbuagu O., and Ogbuagu A. Single-pill regimens for HIV-1 infection. New England Journal of Medicine 2014, 371(19):1844.
  • Ogbuagu, O., and Bruce, RD. Reaching the Unreached: Treatment as Prevention as a Workable Strategy to Mitigate HIV and Its Consequences in High-Risk Groups. Current HIV/AIDS Reports 2014 Oct 24.
  • Ogbuagu, O., and Villanueva, M. Extensive central nervous system cryptococcal disease presenting as immune reconstitution syndrome in a patient with advanced human immunodeficiency virus disease: a case presentation and review of management dilemmas and strategies. Infectious Diseases Reports 2014, 6:5576.
  • Ogbuagu, O., and Ogbuagu A. Curbing Ebola infections among healthcare workers in West Africa: Unconventional strategies needed. Pan African Medical Journal 2014, 19:320.

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