Christopher J. Cutter, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (General Medicine) and in the Child Study Center; Component Director, MRU, APT Foundation; Clinic Director, Pain Treatment Services, APT Foundation

Research Interests

Dr. Cutter’s scholarly work focuses on psychotherapy treatment outcome associated with substance abuse and chronic pain populations. He examines the transfer of psychosocial treatments associated with the transfer of buprenorphine and methadone, from specialized settings to office-based, primary care and HIV specialty settings.

Selected Publications

  • Fiellin, D.A., Barry, D.T., Sullivan, L.E., Cutter, C.J., Moore, B.A., O'Connor, P.G., Schottenfeld, R.S. (2013). A Randomized Trial of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Primary Care-based Buprenorphine. American Journal of Medicine. 126(1):74.
  • Beitel, M., Savant, J. D., Cutter, C. J., Peters, S., Belisle, N., & Barry, D.T. (2012). Psychopathology and pain correlates of dispositional optimism in methadone-maintained patients. The American Journal on Addictions, 21, S56-62.
  • Moore, B.A., Barry, D.T., Cutter, C.J., Sullivan, L.E., O'Connor, P.G., Schottenfeld, R.S., & Fiellin, D.A. (2012). Counseling and directly observed medication for primary care buprenorphine/naloxone maintenance: A pilot study. Journal of Addiction Medicine. 6(3):205-211.
  • Barry, D.T., Beitel, M., Breuer, T., Cutter, C.J., Savant, J.D., Schottenfeld, R.S., Rounsaville, B.J. (2011). Conventional and unconventional treatments for stress among methadone-maintained patients: Treatment willingness and perceived efficacy. American Journal of Addiction, 20: 137-142.
  • Barry, D.T., Beitel, M., Breuer, T., Cutter, C.J., Savant, J.D., Peters, S., Schottenfeld, R.S., Rounsaville, B.J. (2011). Group-Based Strategies for Stress Reduction in Methadone Maintenance Treatment: What Do Patients Want? Journal of Addiction Medicine, 5: 181-187.
  • Barry, D.T., Beitel, M., Cutter, C.J., Garnet, B., Joshi, D., Rosenblum, A., Schottenfeld, R.S. (2011). Exploring relations among traumatic, post traumatic, and physical pain experiences in methadone-maintained patients. Journal of Pain; 12: 22-28.
  • Garnet, B., Beitel, M., Cutter, C.J., Savant, J., Peters, S., Schottenfeld, R.S., Barry, D.T. (2011). Pain catastrophizing and pain coping among methadone-maintained patients. Pain Medicine; 12: 79–86.
  • Moore, B.A., Fazzino, T., Garnet, Cutter, C.J., B.,Barry, D.T. (2011) Computer-based treatments for drug abuse and dependence: A Systematic Review. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 40, 215-223.
  • Cutter, C.J., Fiellin, D.A. (2010) Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment with Motivational Work. In Levounis, P., Arnaout, B., eds. Motivation and Change. American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.. Washington, DC
  • Barry, D.T., Beitel, M., Cutter, C.J., Joshi, D., Falcioni, J., Shottenfeld, R.S. (2010). Conventional and non-conventional pain treatment utilization among opioid dependent individuals with pain seeking methadone maintenance treatment: A needs assessment study. Journal of Addiction Medicine, 4 (2): 81-87.


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