Sally G Haskell MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine)

Research Interests

Women's health; Women veteran's health; Chronic pain; Menopause; Hormone therapy; Women's health education

Research Summary

Women’s health including women veteran’s health, chronic pain, menopause, hormone therapy, and women’s health education. Specific interests include gender specific outcomes after combat exposure in male and female veterans. A current project, the Women Veteran’s Cohort Study, is examining gender differences in outcomes of PTSD, depression, chronic pain, military sexual trauma, cost of care, and utilization after combat exposure in the national cohort of veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A recent study has been completed that surveyed more than 1000 women veterans about their experiences with menopause and hormone therapy. Another recently completed study surveyed women veterans about their experiences with chronic pain and associations with sexual trauma history.

Selected Publications

  • Haskell SG, Bean-Mayberry BA, Gordon K. Discontinuing post-menopausal hormone therapy. An observational study of tapering versus quitting cold turkey: Is there a difference in recurrence of menopausal symptoms? In Press, Menopause 2008.
  • Haskell SG, Papas R, Heapy A, Reid MC, Kerns R. The Association of Pain with Sexual Trauma in a sample of women veterans receiving primary care. Pain Medicine 2008.
  • Haskell SG, Bean-Mayberry BA, Goulet J, Skanderson M, Justice A. Determinants of hormone therapy discontinuation among female veterans nationally. Mil Med. 2008 Jan: 173(1) 91-6.
  • Haskell SG, Heapy A, Reid MC, Papas R, Kerns R. The prevalence and age-related characteristics of pain in a sample of women veterans receiving primary care. J Women’s Health (Larchmt). 2006 Sept: 15(7): 862-9.
  • Haskell SG, Reisman AB, A novel program to increase the number of women patients seen by residents in a VA hospital. Academic Medicine 200479:9:851-54.

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