Sarwat I Chaudhry MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (General Medicine) and of Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Principal Investigator (SILVER-AMI & CHIRAL)

Research Interests

Heart failure; Geriatric Conditions; Hospital Quality of Care; Hospital Care Transitions; End of Life Issues

Research Summary

Dr. Chaudhry’s research is directed toward improving outcomes in older patients with heart failure. She is currently funded by the NIH to conduct studies to determine the prognostic importance of geriatric conditions in patients with heart failure. She also has an interest in remote monitoring systems in heart failure.

Research Organizations include Center for OUtcomes Research & Evaluation (CORE), and the Center for Health Care Innovation, Redesign, and Learning (CHIRAL).

Extensive Research Description

In addition to her role as Director of the Academic Hospitalist Program at the Yale University School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital, Dr. Sarwat Chaudhry is an accomplished outcomes researcher who has earned National and University honors, and authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. She is Principle Investigator for NIH-funded, large-scale studies focused on improving outcomes in hospitalized patients, and is one of the few investigators in the country to focus her research on older patients hospitalized for cardiovascular disease.

In 2012, she was awarded R01 funding from NIH / NHLBI to develop and validate risk stratification models for older patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction (“SILVER-AMI”). This study is currently underway, and integrates principles from both geriatrics and cardiology to develop post-AMI risk models specifically designed for patients 75 years of age and older. Her team established a recruitment network of nearly 100 cardiology practices across the country, consisting primarily of community based groups, who will enroll 3000 participants.

Her PRosPECt-HF trial (“PRimary PalliativE Care for Heart Failure), recently funded by the National Palliative Care Research Center, seeks to integrate palliative care into heart failure management. This study was inspired by her previous research where she served as Director of Science in the largest clinical trial to date of remote symptom monitoring for patients with heart failure. “Telemonitoring in Patients with Heart Failure,” tracked symptoms and weight of patients recently discharged after hospitalization for heart failure to determine the value of daily symptom monitoring to avert readmissions. Results delivered a clear verdict that telemonitoring during this transition-of-care period did not, in fact, improve readmission or mortality. This work also initiated a much-needed investigation into the high burden of symptoms suffered by heart failure patients following hospitalization.

In September 2014, Dr. Chaudhry initiated the Yale Center for Healthcare Innovation, Redesign, and Learning (CHIRAL) which is designed to study and improve care transitions of patients moving into, within, and out of the hospital setting. CHIRAL, which has support from Yale New Haven Hospital (YNHH) and Yale University, was formed under a P30 award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The Center’s aim is to use innovative, flexible methodology to understand and remediate deviations from safe, high quality care. Key members of the CHIRAL team include co-Investigators Drs. Carol Barsky, Marc Auerbach, Grace Jenq, Steven Bernstein, Stephanie Sudikoff, and Project Director, Beth Hodshon. This multi-disciplinary group and a team of experts in human factors, engineering, communication, as well as outcomes research, health care policy and administration will collaborate to carry out this important mission.

Dr. Chaudhry’s expertise in clinical study design and patient interventions, and her experience with establishing nation-wide recruitment networks, makes her an excellent teacher. She has mentored numerous junior faculty members, Internal Medicine residents, as well as students from the School of Medicine and Nursing interested in exploring clinical research.

Selected Publications

  • Chaudhry, SI. Khan R, Wang Y, Masoudi F, Dodson JA, Dhamarajan K, Chen J, Krumholz HMNational Trends in Recurrent AMI Hospitalizations after Acute Myocardial Infarction in Medicare Beneficiaries: 1999 to 2010. JAHA: Journal of the American Heart Association. 2014 Sep 23;3(5). pii:e001197. PMID: 25249298 [PubMed-in process]
  • Chaudhry SI, Murphy TE, Gahbauer E, Sussman LS, Allore HG, Gill, TM. Restricting Symptoms During the Last Year of Life in Older Persons. JAMA Internal Medicine, 2013; 173: 1534-1540, PMID: 23836056.
  • Dodson JA, Truong TN, Towle VR, Kerins G, Chaudhry SI. Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults with Heart Failure: Prevalence, Documentation, and Impact on Outcomes. American Journal of Medicine, 2013; 126: 120-126, PMID: 23331439; PMCID: PMC3553506.
  • Chaudhry SI, McAvay G, Chen S, Whitson H, Newman AB, Krumholz HM, Gill TM. Risk Factors for Hospitalization Among Older Persons Newly Diagnosed with Heart Failure: The Cardiovascular Health Study. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2013; 65: 635-642, PMID: 23391194.
  • Dodson JA, Chaudhry SI. Geriatric Conditions in Heart Failure. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, 2012; 6: 404-410, PMID: 23997843; PMCID: PMC3755463
  • Chaudhry SI, Gill TM. Geriatric Assessment to Improve Risk Stratification in Older Patients Undergoing Coronary Revascularization. Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 2011; 4: 491-492. PMID: 21934078.
  • Chaudhry SI, Mattera JA, Curtis JP, Spertus JA, Herrin J, Lin Z, Phillips CO, Hodshon BV, Cooper LS, Krumholz HM. Telemonitoring in Patients with Heart Failure: Tele-HF Randomized Controlled Trial. New England Journal of Medicine. 2010, 363: 2301-2309, PMID:21080835; PMCID: PMC3237394.
  • Chaudhry SI, Wang Y, Gill TM, Krumholz HM. Geriatric Conditions and Subsequent Mortality in Older Persons with Heart Failure. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2010, 55: 271-414, PMID: 20117435; PMCID: PMC2832791.
  • Chaudhry SI, Wang Y, Concato J, Gill TM, Krumholz HM. Patterns of Weight Change Preceding Hospitalization for Heart Failure. Circulation. 2007, 116: 1549-1554, PMID: 17846286; PMCID: PMC2892745.
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