Robert John Levine, MD

Professor Emeritus of Medicine; Chair: Executive Committee, Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics; Director, Law, Policy and Ethics Core, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, School of Public Health.

Research Interests

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Bioethics; Ethics, Medical; Humanities; Informed Consent; Ethics, Research; Research Subjects; Informed Consent By Minors

Public Health Interests

Bioethics; HIV/AIDS

Research Organizations

Internal Medicine

Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

In the last 35 years, most of Dr. Levine's research, teaching and publications have been in the field of medical ethics with particular concentration on the ethics of research involving human subjects.

Specialized Terms: Medical ethics; Human subject research ethics; International research; Research involving children and adolescents; Informed consent; Institutional review boards; Regulations for the protection of human subjects; Doctor/patient relationship

Extensive Research Description

  • General topics in the field of research ethics.
  • Research involving children and adolescents as subjects.
  • Dysfunctional regulation of research involving human subjects.
  • Research involving pregnant women as subjects.
  • The social context of research involving human subjects.

Selected Publications

  • Levine, R.J.: The Nature, Scope and Justification of Clinical Research: What is Research? Who is a Subject? In The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics, edited by E.J. Emanuel, C. Grady, R.A. Crouch, R. K. Lie, F.M.Miller and D. Wendler, Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2008, Chapter 21, pp. 211-221.
  • Levine, RJ: Research Involving Adolescents as Subjects: Ethical Considerations. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1135, 280-286, 2008.
  • Fost, N. and Levine, RJ: The Dysregulation of Human Subjects Research. Journal of the American Medical Association. 298: 2196-2198, 2007.
  • Levine R J: Placebo controls in clinical trials of new therapies for conditions for which there are known effective treatments. In Guess HA, Kleinman A, Kusek JW and Engel, LW (editors) The Science of the Placebo: Toward an Interdisciplinary Research Age
  • Levine, R.J.: The need to revise the Declaration of Helsinki. New England Journal of Medicine 341:531-534, 1999.
  • Levine, R.J.: Randomized clinical trials: Ethical considerations. In: Advances in Bioethics, Vol. 5, ed. By R.B. Edwards, VAI Press, Stamford, Ct, 1999, pp. 113-145.

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