Richard Nicholas Formica MD

Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) and of Surgery (Transplant); Director of Transplant Medicine; Director Outpatient Transplantation Service; Medical Director Adult and Pediatric Kidney Transplantation; Medical Director Pancreas Transplantation

Research Interests

Site principal investigator for the NIH Clinical Trials in Organ Transplantation 1 trial CTOT-1, CTOT-9 and CTOT-17; Site principal investigator for industry sponsored clinical trials-everolimus, belatacept

Selected Publications

  • Formica RN*, Barrentes B*, Asch WS, Bia, MJ, Coca S, Kalyesubula R, McCloskey B, Leary T, Arvelakis A, Kulkarni S. A one-day centralized work-up for kidney transplant recipient candidates: A quality improvement report. Am J Kid Dis 2012 Aug;60(2):288-94.
  • Formica RN, Asch WS, Wagner KR, Kulkarni S. Kidney Transplantation and HIV: Does recipient privacy outweigh the donor’s right to information? Clin J Am Soc Nephrol 2010; 5: 924-8.
  • Formica RN, Friedman AL, Lorber MI, Smith JD, Eisen T, Bia MJ. A randomized trial comparing losartan to amlodipine as initial therapy for hypertension in the early post-transplant period. Nephol Dial Transplant 2006 May;21(5):1389-94.
  • Friedewald JJ, Samana CJ, Kasiske BL, Israni AK, Stewart D, Cherick W, Formica RN. The Kidney Allocation System. Surg Clin N Am 2013 – in press.
  • Hricik D, Nickerson P, Formica RN, Poggio E, Rush D, Newell K, Goebel J, Gibson I, Fairchild R, Riggs M, Poole K, Ikle D, Bridges N, Heeger P. Multicenter validation of urinary CXCL-9 as a risk-stratifying biomarker for kidney transplant injury. Am J Transplant 2013;13:2634-44.
  • Thiessen C, Kim Y, Formica RN, Bia MJ, Kulkarni S. Written informed consent for living kidney donors: practices and compliance with CMS & OPTN Requirements. Am J Transplant 2013;13:2703-12.

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