Li Wen MD, PhD

Senior Research Scientist in Medicine (Endocrinology); Director of Core Laboratory of Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI)

Departments & Organizations

Clinical Investigation, Yale Center for (YCCI)HTIInternal Medicine: Endocrinology: Fellowship Training; Diabetes Research CenterDiscovery to Cure Internship


  • M.D., Capital College of Medicine, Beijing, 1983
  • Ph.D., University of London, 1992

Selected Publications

  • L Wen, RE Ley, PY Volchkov, PB Stranges, L Avanesyan, AC Stonebraker, CY Hu, SF Wong, GL Szot, JA Bluestone, JI Gordon and AV Chervonsky. Innate immunity and intestinal microbiota in the development of type 1 diabetes. Nature, 2008, 455:1109-13.
  • CY Hu, D Rodriguez-Pinto, W Du, A Ahuja, O Henegariu, FS Wong, MJ Shlomchik and L Wen. Autoimmune diabetes prevention and reversal by anti-CD20 therapy. J Clin. Invest. 2007, 117:3857-3867.
  • W Du, F. S Wong, M O. Li, J Peng, H Qi RA. Flavell, R Sherwin and L Wen. TGF-b signaling is required for the function of Insulin Reactive T Regulatory Cells. J. Clin. Invest, 2006 116:1360-1370.



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